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  1. (NB41) Recent Posts With Youtube Videos

    Ok, Thanks.
  2. (NB41) Recent Posts With Youtube Videos

    ok was just curious, i should be able to make it work with my forums anyway, as long as it works with IPC 4.2. If you don't mind, post here and update to let us know when you test it out with IPC 4.2 and confirm it works properly Thanks..
  3. (NB41) Recent Posts With Youtube Videos

    Thanks One other question, will this work with a database created with the pages addon instead of forums, for instance if a video is posted in a post in a database? If not, would it be difficult to make it do so?
  4. (NB41) Recent Posts With Youtube Videos

    Will this work on the latest version of IPC (4.2)?
  5. Chat closes - how many of you have found a solution?

    I contacted @onlyME about some additions to the Chatbox app mentioned. This is the response I got, I figured I'd pass it on, since it was mentioned. On to the topic at hand, right now I use the chatbox but I agree it's lacking features and needs some additions to it to be ideal for my use. I would like to use LightIRC, but isn't integrated into IPC, ideally, if that could be worked out where users could login using their accounts and tie a IRC username and password to their IPC accounts where it could auto log them into the LightIRC chat, even better is if there was a way to alert users that are not in the chat, when there are users in the chatroom too, in a similar manner to how the Invision Chat would.
  6. what's your dream IPB feature?

    A feature with a realistic chance, I would want, is embeds in the gallery, specifically for videos but it could be for pictures too. I want to be able to embed videos from the likes of YouTube and Vid.me among others, in the Gallery, those sites do such a good job hosting the videos and on those sites they get alot more attention,and they should easily be able to be integrated into the community gallery without using local webspace and having to be hosted twice and so members wouldn't have to leave the community to view them. Pictures are generally small files so hosting them is less of a problem but you may as well allow them to be embedded too.
  7. Video Embeds to Gallery

    By chance, any updates on this @Lindy?
  8. [4.1.0] Members list number of results

    I reported the bug. Either way it will be fixed, that's all that matters to me.
  9. Color Picker in the default theme

    No, well sorta ,that particular theme only allows for select colors. What I meant was the default IPS 4.x theme but with a full color picker, similar to the one used in his other theme Elegant (great theme too by the way) and other custom themes. But many of my members seem to like my customized version of the IPS default better, but also like the idea of making it their own too, with a color picker. As for the suggestion (which apparently has went unnoticed by IPS) it would be a nice feature to have by default, and would add extra value and usability to the default theme. I do wish they'd consider something like this.
  10. Something I've been thinking about that i think would be a pretty cool future feature for IPS to have would be the ability to let users change the colors of the default theme, I know some people like to use the default theme for their sites and change it's colors, and not every user of said sites have the same color preferences. So maybe adding a color picker, perhaps similar to some of the color changing themes out there would be a good move, or even better might be something that instead of using cookies to save color settings, have an actual setting in the users settings area, so their color choices would remain, even if cookies were cleared or another browser or device was used. A default color set still could be set by administrators of course and the color picker could be disabled, if someone so chooses.
  11. iArcade 1.3

    Really wish they'd reconsider and release it for 4.x, heck make it a paid mod, if it were really good and fully integrated into IPB with support for not only flash but other type games, I'm sure people would be willing to pay a reasonable price for it. I know I would, I really miss having an arcade on my site.
  12. iArcade IP 4.0

    Or perhaps someone can create a paid Arcade system something along the lines of this right here fully integrated into IPB, release it at a fair price, it looks alot more flexible than the old IPB Arcade systems and isn't limited to just Flash games.
  13. iArcade IP 4.0

    Wish there was some sort of Arcade for 4.0 / 4.1, sadly it doesn't appear there will be one anytime soon.
  14. +1 Would be nice to have that as an option.