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Provider Reviews posted by Morrigan

  1. As a person that was a garbage php coder to begin with and needing an upgrade to an old application I am glad I know Esther. First and foremost she doesn't make assumptions based on requests, she asks questions to be sure the functionality meets yours needs, she also makes sure that you get the product you want. Secondly, she is reasonable and patient.

    Being a match for your dev is hard.

    Having a dev that matches you is harder.

    Esther is both for me.

    She not only understood that I needed something specific but that I also was going to nitpick the templates to match. She didn't question my requests and changes and in the end I got exactly the thing I asked for, and more.

    I look forward to continuing to collaborate with Esther. She is amazing, diligent and reasonable. If you want the same then I recommend collaborating with her.

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