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  1. More Clubs stuff!

    @MikeChristopher I suggested that too:
  2. I'll be honest I don't have a preference either way. My site is too large for fluid view to really work (at least my main site). I doubt for my smaller site that it will be necessary either as I don't plan to have that many pinned topics.
  3. Clubs sidebar

    Similar to the new update to blogs I think that there should be a way for club owners to add a few of the mentioned widgets in my other post to their sidebar themselves that should above the existing sidebar for the section the person is in.
  4. Club Widgets

    So I find the club widgets lacking! I feel to really engage someone to participate in their club these widgets should be implemented. SO here I go to start to explain widgets that I think are needed: The Club activity should be a widget that you can drag and drop anywhere so you can have that on more than the club page. Who's online in my clubs. Similar to the who's online list but has a list of members online that are in the members clubs only. Possibly with the number of clubs they have in common in parenthesis afterward so they can know how many clubs they have in common. Gallery, blog, downloads etc widgets that will only show recent club items. With this I think that the member should have options on what clubs show up in these feeds from some clubs settings in their account settings. So if I'm a part of 30 clubs (for an example) but I really need to see what's new in 1-3 of them I can control that is all I see in these widgets. Yes I'm aware we can use an activity stream (which is fabulous) but I'm looking for something more in your face and (for images and whatnot) more visually appealing than an activity stream.
  5. Notifications Idea

    It doesn't show the notifications of linked accounts on a parent account as there is no official parent child relationship as the person is looking for.
  6. O_O Wow the guides were updated. Looking nice.

  7. Notifications Idea

    Being that IPB technically doesn't support multiple accounts this will not be core. You may want to see if a developer can do that for you @Hunter Holmes
  8. Mass delete users

    If you use the member search function (as @Hunter Holmes states) you can prune everyone fitting a certain criteria. You just have to make sure that you aren't deleting anyone valid.
  9. Clubs - renaming the term "Clubs"

    This is the same for any app @Vikestart I doubt they will change the functionality just for one app.
  10. Status Updates

    I use it and it's amazing! I love it to death! Yes it's still perfectly functional in 4.2
  11. I have a site that will have downloads that even support items could be benefited from this. Because some resources that my members make would be supported free or not but if the person is willing to donate to the creator this would be awesome as they could pay for it and show their support for it. There are even mods on here that are free that if they were pay what you want I would donate 1-5 dollars just because they helped my site grow. It may not even be something complicated. I would also donate more to some projects. I know that I would donate more for the discord integration app because of how well that app has worked for my community.
  12. Clicking Existing Reactions

    I'll be honest, I don't want this. I like to select my reaction from the reaction menu and I want to see who reacted from the 'reacted" list. If I clicked on that and it would react it would be disastrous for me as I may not agree with that reaction but I want to see who reacted that way to understand the context. I've never experienced what you describe Nick and I feel it would be detrimental overall.
  13. Club Categories?

    This is where admin approval comes in @Ocean West
  14. Start Club

    I believe the start club button should be int he same place as the "Start Topic" or "add" button as with everywhere else. It should not be in the sidebar. It breaks the symmetry.
  15. The if statement changed. I posted about it here: