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Status Updates posted by Morrigan

  1. 37 years young today!

  2. I think @Jordan Invision needs to stop using the stock images I use. >_> You thief!





    Get out of my brain. These are MY Ideas. Not yours.

    1. Jordan Miller

      Jordan Miller

      What can I say you have great taste 😆 

      Lol but for real though I honestly didn't see these on your site. Matt chose the Star Wars pic and the "Together we Create" photo I found on UnSplash 😇 

    2. Morrigan


      I know. I'm teasing.

    3. Jordan Miller

      Jordan Miller

      Haha I was like 😅😰

  3. And there it is! License 9 purchased. *skips off to install*

  4. LOL I just realized that I want another IPS license. Time to save up $375! Need my basics: Forums, Gallery and Pages. Right now I think that those three are core requirements for any community I run.

    1. Ocean West

      Ocean West

      More Again 😉 

    2. Morrigan


      I'm confident I'll have 10 or more licenses within the next 5 years lol.

  5. Just to be clear. I have had a large life event that affected my family and requires a lot of my attention which will make me unresponsive to unsolicited requests for assistance.

    Please be understanding that while I do help people around the forum, this is is a hobby and I do it when I can but I cannot just drop everything to assist as my family is far more important to me.

    Please do not send me a PM for assistance unless I direct you to. Post in the forums and if I have time I will assist but there are also tons of other really helpful people that may be able to help you before me. 

    As it stands any PMs for help that I didn't request will be ignored until further notice. Thanks for understanding.

    1. Saurabh Jain

      Saurabh Jain

      Hope everything goes well 

      Wishes for your family

    2. Terry - AKA Dumbledore
  6. Can has day off now? Kids ready for school I think? PLEASE!

  7. AM I the only one that expected IPS to name the new Marketplace thread "What to expect when you're expecting an app?"

  8. Car is repaired. Fortunately it was the axle and not the tranny. I was so worried.

    1. TheWorldNewsMedia.org


      What kind of car do you have?

  9. Don't you just love with life kicks you in the teeth? Well my car just broke down while I was at the eye doctor.

    1. TheWorldNewsMedia.org


      Oh geez.  sorry to hear that.

  10. Here's to breaking things and having fun! Upgrading a majorly modded site to 4.5. Wish me luck!!!

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    2. opentype


      Don’t worry! You’ve got this!

      crash wtf GIF by Cheezburger

    3. Morrigan


      Well I broke it already. Onto tech support lol.

    4. Morrigan


      Well they fixed that part. Onto fixing the theme! WOO!!!

      donald glover crying GIF

  11. So its here? When's my Beta? #readyfor45 ❤️ you guys

  12. O_O Wow the guides were updated. Looking nice.

  13. That moment when you realize that tech support is looking at your problem because your skin is not normal.

  14. Remember that time that people thought Xenforo was the future of forums because of Jquery?


    4.2 reminds me why IPB said that there was no intelligent life down there. <3 you IPS.

  15. I just found the most heart crushing bug. No one on my forum can react! *runs around like a ninny*

    1. Morrigan



    2. TheWorldNewsMedia.org


      Just figured out that the Beta version RSS feeds are not working

    3. Morrigan


      That's never fun.

  16. I don't want to go to work. I want to stay home and continue to poke at IPS bugs.

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    2. Morrigan


      No idea. Plenty enough to annoy IPS I'm sure.

    3. Saurabh Jain
    4. Morrigan


      It's under contact in the left but my primary is:


  17. What a great way to wake up! I wake up to IPS on 4.2!!!

  18. So sad. My members don't want the letter avatars. Anonymous gear for the win I guess.

    1. media


      Hah, interesting. My members loved it and I installed the latest version with 2 letters... :) 

    2. Morrigan


      Hehe. Well it's a letter or else this:


      It's either they don't want it or don't care. And since there is no one that is saying "yes" the letters will not be coming with me to 4.2 sadly. lololol

    3. media


      That is nice too... :)

  19. Happy Mother's day to all the mum's out there!

  20. Finally got my test site onto the Alpha. The skin edits are real. >_< This will be a while to get it looking the way I need it to.

    The Borders are real:


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    2. Terry - AKA Dumbledore

      Terry - AKA Dumbledore

      #ipsLayout_header nav {
              background: transparent;
              height: 40px;

      Gets removes the name bar change, by making it transparent.

      Removes the nav bar change. My bad.

    3. Morrigan


      Hehe, no worries. I fixed it. I actually need to probably completely revamp my nav. I've been having problems with the top level links not working.

    4. Morrigan


      @Adlago I'm fixing it to be like it should be on my main site. The search is not overlapping anything. The Primary nav is overlapping my usernav. I've already fixed it.

  21. Woo! Hit one thousand likes! I'm lovable. Like a pink pony.

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    2. Adlago


      I see romance, you see a child happily.
      You have a soul searching and I hope you are happy.
      I can only envy your smiling youth.:sorcerer:

    3. Morrigan


      Or else I just watch a lot of cartoons for a full grown adult. I say it's for my kids but really its for me.

    4. Adlago


      You carry the soul of a child - and that's very good...

      Man is alive only when there is a small, smiling child in his soul:)

  22. So I have successfully influenced the conversion of two licenses this week! I am the IPS whisperer.

    1. AndyF


      :) Well done.

      You win a cookie. :D

    2. Morrigan


      All the cookies are belong to me!

    3. AndyF


      $vals = 'All belong to her';
      setcookie("Morrigan_Cookies", $vals);


      My reply seemed to go awol :unsure:

      Oh its back now ^^

  23. I was able to convince my boss to switch to IPS. So happy right now! One license and another one incoming in about a month.


    1. Adlago


      Your boss wins that he has you;)

    2. Michael R

      Michael R

      I tried convincing my boss to go with IPS a few years ago. He didn't get it. So we are using Drupal's Discussions -- which is just awful for what we want to do.

    3. Morrigan


      I can only imagine. We are converting from WordPress. It was just so aggravating to work with. I was literally having to hack my own code to get things to appear correctly.

  24. Working on trying to get my job to switch to IPS for their core site. This will work but I'm in need of some magic convince tool to get them away from Wordpress... anyone have it?

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