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  1. Cookie Popup

    Where is the css for the popup? i cant find it anywhere. And where is the cookie code, i need to set the popup to open once a week Sully
  2. Signature Restrictions

    I had IPB ver 3.1.2 and the signature restrictions did not work, I upgraded to version 3.1.4 and still have the same problem, people are posting 1000px signature images on my forum, when people go to edit their signature they still see this at the bottom: Your signature may contain: Any number images Images of any size Any number of URLs Any number of lines Please help! the restrictions dont seem to work for any group
  3. IMG for members only

    yes this works thanks so much for the help. The only thing is that guests still see the image URL but it's not a link or an image now Thanks again Sully
  4. IMG for members only

    I want to set my board so images using the tag are only displayed for members logged in. It needs to be so that guests ( people not logged in ) do not see the images. I have tried setting this in the BB code options in the admin, but it doesnt seem to work, if i set the IMG tag to be used only by members and in posts and topics everyone can still see the images?? I have tried and tried, what am i doing wrong? or is it a bug? Sully