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  1. that setting is for your members to set the correct time for them, not the forum itself, if you remove the ability for the users to do this then if they are in/from a different timezone then the time displayed on the forum will always be wrong for them , like say they log in from a eastern standard timezone and you have the forum set to central standard timezone the time would be off by an hr for them or worse if they was from a timezone even farther away, which means they will constantly keep having to do the math (when any time on the site is displayed for anything) to figure out how it relates to their time. personally for me I'd leave a site that was setup that way and go join one that wasn't as fast as I could because that would annoy the hell out of me. you might be able to get someone to write you a mod that will add a settable server time to be displayed next to the standard time output if you want your members to know easily what time it is where the server is located/set to when anything is posted/done without annoying the hell out of them ;)
  2. other than this one time it's been nice and smooth sailing
  3. I still get some slow downs but not near as bad as it has been spoke to soon lol page load time 15.7961 sec
  4. Breaking a database into pieces

    I've used it to import a 375MB database and as far as I can tell by reading up on it on it's site there is basically no limit as long as you upload the database backup to your server instead of using the upload feature built into it.
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    owch yeah guess there is no point in having one then. was just hoping there would be one so I had less files to re-edit , yes I know I'm lazy at times lol no offense but that's not a shortcut for upgrading that's just a faster way to upload anything that has multiple files in it ;) but that was good info for anyone who didn't know how to do it
  6. @ m4rtin yes that's why it was an issue with XP BUT it's not like that in Vista or Windows 7 so it should not even be an issue except Opera made a major stink to the EUC about IE in Windows 7 so that the EUC who is not tech savvy said ok MS is at it again woo hoo maybe we will be able to fine them for another billion dollars lol (mozilla and google offer active x support in their browsers via plugin/addons and the Maxthon browser supprts it without any addons but thats cause it was based on IE) @ Alex yeah I know but I had a brain fart while posting :D @ York, to bad Apple will be next on the list to get it from the EUC if there is a big enough stink and the law is changed because of what has been done to MS, especially since Apple is in violation of more of the antitrust laws than MS is, it's just because the laws are being interpreted to only apply to the leader in the market that nothing is being done to them, personally I think that's total BS
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    to bad they didn't make a upgrade pack ;)
  8. the monopoly subject is very touchy subject now since windows 7 will not have a web browser in any version sold in the EU because of the EU commission and it's idiotic uneven enforcement of the law, I mean seriously forget the past with microsoft that was then and they was punished for what they did but to use the past as an excuse to treat a company unfairly now is total BS. but the EUC says that microsoft cannot distribute an operating system with their own browser bundled with it unless they also bundle other software suppliers browsers with it as well (thanks to complaint's by mainly opera, google and others) because it gives them an unfair advantage over other browser makers. (WTF are they talking about it's free software, I could understand if they was talking about software that costs $ but free software?) but this rule only applies to microsoft because they are number one in the O.S. market unlike Mac, Linux and any other odd ball O.S. who are free to bundle their own browser because they aren't. so in answer to this Microsoft has announced that they are going to just sell windows 7 without a browser in the EU because they refuse to include their competitors software with there new O.S., which to me is totally understandable (you will still be able to download IE using the built in windows update as an optional update). http://microsoftontheissues.com/cs/blogs/mscorp/archive/2009/06/11/working-to-fulfill-our-legal-obligations-in-europe-for-windows-7.aspx
  9. Want feedback?

  10. well your very lucky because where I live your only option besides dial up for an internet connection is satellite internet which is very expensive (I pay $80 a month for a 12GB download an 3GB upload bandwidth limit with the fastest speed of 150KB\s reached) so for most people there in area's like mine your stuck with dial up or nothing because unless your very desperate $80 a month is to much $ to pay for internet (ADSL service stops roughly 5 miles from my house)