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  1. Portal

    How do you have solved?
  2. Portal

    It works! Thx!! ^^*
  3. Portal

    I solved the problem of the administration panel, but the plugin does not work, this error appears (new installation): Fatal error: Call to a member function articles() on a non-object in /web/htdocs/www.dekazeta.net/home/foro/admin/applications_addon/other/portal/sources/blocks.php on line 325 http://www.dekazeta.net/foro/portal Please help.
  4. Portal

    Just try it now, and same problem in the admin panel appears. In adition, when i go to the portal page (http://www.dekazeta.net/foro/portal) now i get this error message: Fatal error: Call to a member function latestPosts() on a non-object in /web/htdocs/www.dekazeta.net/home/foro/admin/applications_addon/other/portal/sources/blocks.php on line 58 :-/
  5. Portal

    Hi! After upgrading to IPB 3.3.1 I have a problem with Portal, shows nothing. Even after upgrading to version 1.1 of the plugin. http://www.dekazeta.net/foro/portal In the admin panel, when I go to configure the plugin appears this error window: The directory '{app_name}/extensions/portalPlugins' does not exist. Create it and try again. Please help :(
  6. Wow! Great mod and great support :) Template hook is ok, but in my case i need the html code for insert in the skin template. It's posible?
  7. Works perfect! One question... Can i put manually the slideshow in any part of IPB? I try but whitout results. What is the code that would have to use? Thx in advance!
  8. Please, add support to IP.Blog! :)