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  1. Simple Points

    Thank you for looking into it, it's greatly appreciated. :)
  2. Simple Points

    Could this app be updated to support decimals and not just integers? For example, I'd like members to be able to earn .1 points for replies, or .25 points for new topics. I would be willing to pay some money for this functionality to be added. Looking through this topic, it seems like there are a few others interested in this feature as well. Also, would it be possible to have a feature that will give a member a specified number of points when a subscription package is purchased? For example, if a user purchases a "Platinum" subscription they get X amount of points added to their point total.
  3. Sorting Images in IP.Gallery

    Can someone please tell me what the admin options are for sorting album images in IP.Gallery? Can they be sorted alphabetically by filename?
  4. Download: iPoints System 3.0.2

    Is it possible to make it "cost" points to post topics/replies in certain forums or globally? * Pay X points to post a new topic * Pay X points to post a reply * Set the number of points globally or per forum Would you be able to add that kind of functionality, either for free or with payment?
  5. is navigating the dark vaults below ancient Kyrnoth.

  6. Download: iMemberships System 2.0.0

    What's the difference between this and your iPoints app? What are the points used for? Can it be set up so that it "costs" points to post topics in certain forums? Thanks