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  1. I love this plug-in. It does exactly what I need it to do. My site has 14 banners that "CASCADE": 4 across for desktop and 2 across for mobile Recently, it started doing something it's never done before. Each time the banners cascade, the screen ... below the widget ... gets pushed down one line. The problem persists no matter which combination of AMOUNT OF ADS TO SHOW, SPEED, DELAY .. and other settings ... are used. The problem happens on any/every page that contains the widget. The closest thing to a "solution" is to set the SPEED and/or DELAY to 10,000 + This just slows down the "downward creep". Is this something you're aware of .. or .. am I the first person to mention this? Thanx for a great tool and support
  2. Could it be set up so that two users can chat privately .. like an Instant Messenger? ex: USER 1 invites USER 2 to chat
  3. I purchased your app yesterday and look forward to implementing it. Here are the most important features necessary. There is no rush. I will not need anything until 4.4 is released and stable. We can follow up on this privately to discuss timetable and your fee. I am posting this publicly because I would like to find out if other webmasters would be interested in the following. WAYS FOR PEOPLE TO EARN POINTS: -- Refer someone who joins the site: A simple REFERRED BY field added to SIGN-UP screen -- Whenever a referred member earns points the referrer also gets points Like a multi-level but only one level down -- Refer someone who gets new VIP membership Could be a referred member .. or .. existing Member -- Recommend someone who becomes a paid advertiser All advertising is Month to Month -- A Referred advertiser renews each month
  4. QUESTION: Does your software have the ability to reward people for referring other people to join the site? The sign up screen would have a simple REFERRED BY box
  5. Why not just fix the problem and release an update?
  6. How do I grant permission to user groups that can REPORT members?
  7. Having the same issues as the above poster. I PMed you with details.
  8. Thank you for your super-fast reply. I will make a safe copy of the file and then make the edits you suggest.
  9. TWO QUESTIONS: #1 - I have a few dozen Canned Replies stored. Is it possible to get The selection list displayed in alphabetical order? #2 - Is it possible for you to make it so that we can use your software as a "CANNED PM STARTER" not just for replies?
  10. I recently changed the MAXIMUM RESULTS from 1,000 to 250 thinking that this would ease the strain on my server. It seems to have the opposite effect. I've gotten hundreds of these in the past few days. My hosting company looked into it and their response was: I changed it back to 1,000 and the errors seem to have stopped. Could someone kindly explained all this to me --- not too technically please Thanx Neil
  11. ILM2

    Kitchen Sink

    How do I get to that screen?
  12. ILM2

    Kitchen Sink

    How can I increase the number of uploaded images in a single post? No matter what I do it seems to be capped at 10.
    I rarely write reviews but this app and its author are well deserving of one. Also, since I'm the second person to buy it, this review will help those of you that might be interested INSTALLATION: 10 INTERFACE: 10 EASE OF USE: 10 FUNCTIONALITY: 10 COMPATIBILITY: 9.5 -- Will be a 10 once a minor mobile view issue is fixed FLEXIBILITY: 10 VERSATILITY: 10 HELP DOCUMENTATION: 10 FOLLOW-UP SUPPORT: 10 COMMUNICATION: 10 GOOD GUY: 11 -- (Twice I offered to pay for some custom work that he ended up doing for no charge)
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