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  1. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    I suppose a good snippet of information could be just to announce what state the development is in, i.e pre-alpha, alpha etc, then people can make their own guesses. I did that when I used to develop on the Amiga, and it seemed to keep people happy. I doubt you'll ever see and end to the "when will it be ready" question as most of us are impatient.
  2. Thanks Ryan, I have no problem with waiting, just wasn't sure if there was a problem somewhere. :thumbsup:
  3. Ok thanks, I made the payment yesterday @ 21.06 GMT, and it's now 16.19 GMT
  4. Hi, I renewed my license yesterday, and I was just wondering how long it usually takes to process the payment? It's still currently under review. Thanks.
  5. Download: Stop Spammer Registration

    Hi, a couple of questions...... What is the recommended value for Minimum IP Records and Minimum Email Records? I have them set at 2... Also the Threat Threshold I have set to 40? Also, the project Honeypot API Key? Is that the BL Access Key? Cheers
  6. Media System

    Yeah use the updated ones listed on page 12 here
  7. Media System

    If you do those little skin edits it will pull the thumbnail directly from the YouTube server. So you don't need to upload a thumbnail for YT videos. Well worth doing if you ask me.
  8. Media System

    Thanks for the upgrade, it works like a charm. Thanks also for the updated Youtube thumbnail code!!
  9. Media System

    So does this mean that the new update will do away with the ability to import the thumbnails from Youtube as mentioned on previous posts? I find it too time consuming to capture an image, reduce the size, upload it to the server and then link it to the post, especially when I have a lot of videos to link to each day. How do sites like Liveleak go about it? You can basically upload most videos types to that, or embed them and they all have automatically generated thumbnails.
  10. Download: IPContent Blocks Management Block+Hook

    Not sure, maybe it was a combination of things. That's why I gave up coding back on the Amiga as I was losing too much hair.
  11. Download: IPContent Blocks Management Block+Hook

    Definitely the hook in Manage Hooks. I think there are some gremlins in my PC tonight. Thanks for all your help by the way.
  12. Download: IPContent Blocks Management Block+Hook

    Ok I've sorted it now. I deleted the block and hey presto. Also even though I have reinstalled the block, I haven't yet reinstalled the hook, but there is a block from the hook on my forum sidebar... lol The block of yours, I'm reinstalling it all and I'll let you know how it goes.
  13. Download: IPContent Blocks Management Block+Hook

    Uninstalled your hook and still the same. Shall I try deleting the block as well?
  14. Download: IPContent Blocks Management Block+Hook

    They seem to be there. The problem is I can't load any IPC page, they all give the error, even new ones. I can create a new skin to see if that helps? Oh, and none of the blocks will recache without that error popping up.
  15. Download: IPContent Blocks Management Block+Hook

    Ok I'll update you on a couple of things. The forum is accessible when I use the following link format (www.yourforumurl.com/index.php?act=idx) when the hook is disabled. If I enable the hook I get the same errors. If I go to recache all for the content blocks I also get the same error.