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  1. Download: (inv) Awards

    ok, thank you! I will try and use it with the topic view off to see how that works.
  2. Download: (inv) Awards

    then how will people see their awards?
  3. Download: (inv) Awards

    every time i uninstall this modification and reinstall it it works fine for a short time, but then it really bogs down my site and makes it very difficult for people to access posts or the forum index. Whenever you click on a forum to view a post it just sits there and cycle without switching and then you have to refresh a couple of times at least to be able to access posts...any ideas as to what causes this or why? it is only this modification that does it. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am NOT a coder and not skilled at many things...
  4. Download: Our Topics

    any word on when the updated version will be released?
  5. Download: Shoutbox

    um...looking at it, I have 1.2.0 I downloaded and installed 1.2.1, it is working thank you!
  6. Download: Shoutbox

    hello, I have a new board re-installed and manually installed a few new smilies, since then the smilies button for the Shoutbox dows not work, the box for teh smilies does not open. Can anyone please help me with this issue?
  7. Warfare

    I have an issue I have noticed both on the Xboxgamingcentral forums as well as my own...when I create a new post or reply to an existing one and I use the links above the post window to add an image or hyperlink or do anything...the screen freezes and locks up like it is bringing up another window...but nothing happens. I would like to get this issue resolved as I am using this skin as default on my site
  8. YouTube Playlist

    what is the code exactly? I added the 3.1.x version to my forum, but I have no clue what I am looking at
  9. Download: [BBcode] Keyboard keys

    this is kewl...thanks!!
  10. Download: (SOS31) Topic Title Colored

    great modification...works AWESOME! Thanks Adriano!!
  11. please forgive me...I am not understanding what exactly the solution is, this is all a little confusing to me.
  12. i have an issue...i installed this today and got this.....
  13. Download: SacreBleu

    Join Skinworld and tell them. I own the dam site and the monkeys just don't listen to me. Maybe you have a sway for crying out loud!