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  1. Download: Orange Octane

    Great skin! I am having a problem with the top part of the shoutbox...it is not as tall as the other category headers (or the one in your live demo), and is cutting off the type. Is there a known fix for this? I will be reaching out to you with some customization requests as well, so hope to hear back from you.!! Best, M
  2. Self-host vs. Hosted IP.Gallery

    Thanks for the reply. I submitted a ticket, but wasn't sure they would respond to it, given it was for a demo. Since I got y'all here...is there any way to serve the images for your IP.gallery from a different box than the IP board server?
  3. Self-host vs. Hosted IP.Gallery

    Another question on the (Free) Demo version... I have been having some trouble this morning myself with the (free) demo version of IP.Gallery...trying to upload some images to a created album, and it says "“ [#10762] Sorry, but you do not have permission to post images in this category” Is this because uploading is disabled in the free version? All permissions are enabled, across the board. Any help would be appreciated! Best, M
  4. CCS: Pages Overview

    So, would someone use this in place of trying to hack together a Joomla-IPS bridge? Or is it more for static pages...or building out a basic CMS? One of my sites is a SMF board (for which I just purchased a 3.0 license and plan to migrate soon). This site is largely forums, but has a "Front room" of news (the home page) items which gets updated every few days. This is currently done with Joomla (which is way-overkill for what I need, but seemed to be a good idea at the time). If not, does anyone have any word on a bridge between Joomla/Drupal and 3.0 (either released already, or forthcoming)? Thanks!! M