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Downloads posted by Adriano Faria

  1. $50.00

    Media Uploader

    This application will allow your members to upload images, videos, audio and document files including PDF's to stream, play, share, view, download or embed into any of their posts, Your members can also choose to set their uploads to private and if they wanted then, give other members permissions to access them. This application works fully with IPS Clubs allow club owners to create their own media uploader categories
    Main Features
    Create unlimited categories to store the uploaded media files in You can also create unlimited sub categories Choose what file types members can upload per category Images - PNG, GIF, JPEG, JPG, JPE Videos - MP4, WEBM, OGG, MOV Audio - MP3, MP4, WAV Documents - PDF, HTML, TXT, XML Choose the maximum upload size for each allowed file type per category Choose to allow multiple uploads at the same time Set the amount of maximum uploads for each file type per category Allow members to comment on media files All members to review media files Allow members to embed their media into the forums and anything what uses the editor ( YES YOU CAN EMBED PDF's TOO ) Choose what user groups can embed their media into the forums topics etc Allow members to crop their uploaded images Choose what user groups can crop their images If a member crops a image they will have a choice to keep or delete the original image Choose what user groups can download uploaded media files ( regardless of this setting members can download their own files ) Choose what user groups can view / play / stream the actual uploaded file ( regardless of this setting members can view their own files ) Allow certain member groups to upload private files ( Admin can still view in the admin panel ) Members can set their private uploads to be viewed by their selected members only ( regardless of the admin viewing / download settings members with permission to view these files given by the uploader will be able to view or download said file ) Once a member has been given permission to access private uploads they will receive a notification linking them to the file Set the maximum storage limit for users via the user group settings Set the maximum downloads a day for users via the user group settings Set a flood limit on embedding topics for users via the user group settings Shows how many views and downloads the media files have had Members can see who viewed or downloaded their media ( If logs are enabled in the ACP ) Front Pages
    Media Uploader Index page showing blocks with the media files Shows a block showing all featured media files Shows a block showing the latest uploaded media files Shows a block showing the media files with the most views Shows a block showing the media files with the most downloads Shows a block showing the media files with the highest ratings My Media Shows a table with all the media files uploaded by the member They can view / download / delete any file from here They can see who viewed or downloaded their media ( If logs are enabled in the ACP ) If the member has a private upload they can allow other members to view the media files If the file is a image the users can crop them ( If enabled in the ACP ) These tables can be filtered and sorted in a mixture of ways If the storage limit is not set to unlimited then there will be a storage quota division in the page showing how much storage the user has used and how much is left for them to use Profile Tabs Shows a table in the members profile tabs with all their upload media (Private ones are hidden) Members can view or download the media files from here These tables can be filtered and sorted in a mixture of ways Embedding Allow your members to embed any of their uploaded media into anything what uses the editor via the insert other media button Widgets
    Show a most uploads widget showing a block with a list of members with the most uploaded media Show a last uploaded widget showing a block with a list of the last uploaded media files Show a most downloads widget showing a block with a list of the most downloaded media files Show a most viewed widget showing a block with a list of the most viewed media files Admin Panel
    Choose what user groups can upload private media files ( If set to private the uploader has to choice to allow x/y/z member to view it ) Choose to either show text and icons or just icons on the buttons of the media tables Mass delete all media files from your server, filtered by ALL, IMAGES, VIDEOS, AUDIO FILES, you can even mass delete from certain members or usergroups View all media files including private ones ( The admin should always be able to view all media files uploaded for many different reasons ) Set the maximum storage limit for each member by going into the group settings and entering a maximum limit allowed Set the limit of the amount of last uploaded files shown in the block on the upload media page Set the amount to show in the tables per page in the all media and my media pages Choose if you want to keep logs of who has viewed or downloaded media files View a log of who downloaded the media files showing the geo location of where it was downloaded from Choose to use either grids or rows for the tables themes Moderator Permissions
    This application fully integrates with the IPS moderator permissions you can set the mod perms via the moderator settings of the ACP Any uploaded media files / comments or reviews that require approval can be approved via the ModCP Searching
    Search for media files using the IPS search features Check the screenshots for images or visit the demo link at the top and sign up to test it out
    Copyright / Branding ✔
    Copyright / Branding Removal Options ✔

    38 purchases   155 downloads

       (2 reviews)


  2. $20.00

    Feature My Club

    This application will allow you to charge your members to feature their clubs for set times, Seeing as your members can now charge people to join their club, I thought it might be a good idea to allow them to advertise their club via the featured settings
    Allow club owners to feature their clubs ( At a cost ) Create unlimited packages with different amount of times the club is featured for As soon as the purchase is complete the club will be featured The club will be unfeatured after the purchase has expired Set renewals to allow the members to keep their club featured Show a widget with a list of featured clubs to place anywhere on your site Requirements
    IP Commerce Clubs enabled ?

    8 purchases   20 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  3. $25.00

    Blackjack - Members Shop Add-On

    Blackjack is a members shop add on what allows your members to gamble their hard earned points playing Blackjack ( 21 ), Create unlimited tables, set different min & max wagers on each one, you can even allow your members to chat while playing using the tables chat box
    Main Features
    Create unlimited categories to store the blackjack tables The categories on the index page shows in nice grid elements The category page will show info on the tables How many people are online at each table The minimum - maximum wagers The last win and the last winner Create unlimited blackjack tables Choose what member groups can view each table Choose what member groups can play on each table Members who have permission to play on the tables will also have permission to chat Allow members to chat to each other with a built in chatbox for each table ( the chat will auto update when new messages are posted ) Select the minimum & maximum wagers on each table Choose from 2 different style tables to play on Each table has it's own latest results column showing the last 100 results from the table ( this will automatically update using jquery and ajax ) ACP Category & Table Listing Each table has it's own button in the ACP listing allow you to check the stats of each table Total Games Played Total Points Paid In Total Points Paid Out Total Profit Total Member Wins Total Dealer Wins Total Pushes Widgets Show a list of the biggest gamblers Show a list of the highest win ( This is unique to the member so if the member has the highest 2 wins it will only show their highest win and not place them twice in the list ) Show a list of the members who have won the most hands Select how many you want to show in each widget All games are totally random and there is no setting for you as the admin to select a win %, To be honest you don't need one anyway, anyone who gambles knows the house will always win lol
    Members Shop

    30 purchases   43 downloads

       (4 reviews)


  4. Free

    User Options in PostBit

    This plugin will add the following to the post bit:
    Link to send a private message to the post author Link to ignore the post author Link to search content from the post author Link to flag/Unflag the post author as spammer Link to add a warning the post author All links will appear if only the loggedin user has permission to view/use them.
    Display the IGNORE link Add a link to the post iin the PM Content field Original made on request by Adriano


       (8 reviews)


  5. $20.00

    Enhanced Store

    This plugin will change the look of your store ( COMMERCE ), and will add a single index page for all products and categories, you can choose to allow your members to filter and sort the products in various kind of ways
    Adds multiple tabs showing all product categories with items for sale in Choose to either display small or large boxes for the products Choose to either display All Products or Featured Products as the main tab Allow your members to sort the products by Name Price High to Low Price Low to High Rating  Allow your members to filter the products by Price Minimum Rating Only Products In Stock Your Custom Category Filters ( This is only available when viewing a category and not the main tab ) Sorting or filtering will not cause the page to reload and you can sort & filter in multiple ways at the same time
    IPS Commerce is required to use this plugin

    20 purchases   50 downloads

       (3 reviews)


  6. $15.00

    Enhanced Product Page

    Tired of the look of your commerce product pages? Then download this plugin and give it a bit of new life
    Adds the full description to the page removing the tab at the bottom Removes the review tab and will place a link for it to show via Ajax pop up in the review count text Removes the background of the add to cart background and then stretches the button making it look better on the eyes If you have any requests for it, leave a comment on the support topic, I am always happy to hear requests and update ideas

    24 purchases   57 downloads

       (3 reviews)


  7. $15.00

    Profile Video

    Let your members set and display a video on their profiles with a user toggle button to show or hide the video
    Plugin Settings
    Choose what user groups can use Profile Video Choose what user groups can see the members Video Select to show the video in the sidebar blocks or the activity stream Hide the toggle button on the members profile Links Supported
    Any link what will play via embedding the src url For Example
    https://www.youtube.com/embed/TheUniqueID https://player.twitch.tv/?TheUniqueID https://player.vimeo.com/video/TheUniqueID How To Install
    Go to your admin panel and plugins then install the downloaded .xml file

    107 purchases   342 downloads

       (5 reviews)


  8. Free

    Security Question Password Mask

    This tiny plugin will change the Security Question field to a password field so others can't see its content.
    Before you say that no one will see, the idea is the same from the password field. Me, for example, do videos recording all the time and I have to disable Security Questions for my group, otherwise it will appear in the video.


       (1 review)


  9. Free

    Unpurchasable File Message

    This plugin will show, to the file submitter, the default IPS 4.3 message when their file isn't available to be purchased. Currently, it shows to everyone, except file submitter.


       (0 reviews)


  10. Free

    Content Items Required to Start Private Messages

    This plugin will set a number of content items that users must have to start a private message. User will still be able to reply to existing/new private messages.
    Display number of items required on the error message Number of content items required Apply restrictions to (choose groups)


       (5 reviews)


  11. Free

    Copy Moderators Permissions

    This plugin will help you speed up the task of adding moderators to IPS4 by duplicating permissions quickly and easily.


       (3 reviews)


  12. Free

    Record Image Required

    This plugin will make the image record required when submitting a record in Pages.
    Apply in databases (to choose) Apply to (groups)


       (3 reviews)


  13. Free

    Exclude PMs from Merge Content

    This plugin will EXCLUDE private messages from the setting Merge concurrent posts. You won't get any notification if the user replies again within the setting time, so you won't be aware if something important has been said/changed.


       (2 reviews)


  14. Free

    Swap Comments/Reviews Tab Order in Calendar Events

    Will swap REVIEWS and COMMENTS tabs position in Calendar events.


       (2 reviews)


  15. Free

    Sign Up Link On Error Message

    This plugin will add a Sign Up link for guests in the Error messages across the board.


       (3 reviews)


  16. Free

    Can't View Other Member's Topics Message

    This simple plugin will make things easier for users by showing a message when they can't see other member's topics/questions in forums (forum setting Users can see topics posted by other users? OR Users can see questions asked by other users? must be disabled).


       (0 reviews)


  17. Free

    Stop Talking Alone

    This plugin will help you to not to talk alone by adding a notice and hiding the editor when only one user is active in the conversation.


       (3 reviews)


  18. Free

    Languages Flags on Board Top

    This plugin will display the languages flags or the language dropdown on board top so the user can swap between languages in a faster way.


       (7 reviews)


  19. Free

    Extra Fields on Category View

    This plugin will allow admins to choose which file extra fields to show on category view.
    Extra fields to display Requirement:


       (2 reviews)


  20. Free

    Other Files From File Submitter

    This pluign will add a slider on file view to display other files from the file submitter.
    Number of files to display Type of files display: start date or random files Requirement:


       (7 reviews)


  21. Free

    Validating: Force User to Change Email Address

    This plugin will force member to confirm email address by setting them as a validating member to change their email. This is not an automated process for bounced emails. Links will be added in:
    Profile Profile card (when you hover a member link) Admin CP profile to set the member as validating Only ADMINs with no restriction to edit members on ACP  will be able to use the resource in front-end.


       (2 reviews)


  22. Free

    Swap Comments/Reviews Tab Order in Pages Database Records

    Will swap REVIEWS and COMMENTS tabs position in Pages database records.


       (0 reviews)


  23. Free

    Swap Comments/Reviews Tab Order in Gallery Images

    Will swap REVIEWS and COMMENTS tabs position in Gallery images.


       (0 reviews)


  24. Free

    Swap Comments/Reviews Tab Order in Downloads Files

    Will swap REVIEWS and COMMENTS tabs position in Downloads files.


       (1 review)


  25. $10.00

    Convert Post To Ticket

    This plugin will convert posts to tickets (Commerce Support Requests).
    Forums app Commerce app Settings:
    Add a link to the post in the ticket Forums where the plugin will work Groups allowed to use the plugin

    5 purchases   14 downloads

       (0 reviews)


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