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  1. That's what I told and you didn't understand! It's TOO easy to be IMPLEMENTED by IPS! I can't see why they couldn't do it!
  2. I'll try to reprodute the error with those steps... will let you know asap.
  3. IPS doesn't like to talk about new SETTINGS, but it's too easy to add the member_group_id in each query or cache to show in templates formatted name or just the name of the user... Settings would be like: SHOW USER GROUP COLORS IN LINKS IN TOPIC VIEWOther setting to FORUM VIEW... BOARD INDEX (including SIDEBAR)...PRIVATE MESSAGESetc.
  4. LIMIT 0,-1 Take a look in you Control Panel -> Forums -> Recent Topics. See what shows in number of topics to show. And see what shows in this hook settings in Admin CP. Then open admin\applications\forums\modules_public\ajax\recentTopics.php and see if those lines below exists in this file: $userqtd = $this->memberData['recenttopics_qtd'] == '-1' ? $this->settings['topicosrecentes_nr'] : $this->memberData['recenttopics_qtd']; $qtd = $this->memberData['member_id'] ? $userqtd : $this->settings['topicosrecentes_nr']; More below: 'limit' => array(0,$qtd), If not, then you updated the hook file (XML) and didn't reuploaded the JS and PHP file.
  5. http://invisionfocus.com/topic/3990-shoutbox-and-subscriptions-manager/
  6. You only need to upload the files inside UPLOAD folder from zip to the same folders in your FTP.
  7. You can use this while the author doesn't update this hook: http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/4055-sos31-ipgallery-image-on-sidebar/
  8. Where it shows the tags ? Board index ? Topics ?
  9. The hook searchs for a text in board index ( {$this->lang->words['sm_today_posters']}</a></li> )... if the author of your customized skin made it different, hook won't create the link. You'll need to create manually the link in boardIndexTemplate, in stats bar: <a href="{$this->settings['board_url']}/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=stats&do=popular" title="{$this->lang->words['top20_popularpost']}">{$this->lang->words['top20_popularpost']}</a>
  10. Which IP.Board version ? Probably is older than 3.1.3! It works only in 3.1.3 and 3.1.4.
  11. That is what should appear: Reinstall the hook and try to see if it works on default skin.
  12. File Name: (SOS31) Password Strength Meter in Registration Form File Submitter: Adriano Faria File Submitted: 25 Apr 2011 File Category: Hooks and Plugins This hook will show a password strength meter in registration form to show you how secure and strong the user password is. It uses a point system to calculate a score as the user types the password. Compatibility: IP.Board 3.1.X Click here to download this file
  13. Nothing was changed in JS file. Anyway, go to your Control Panel -> Forums -> Recent Topics and uncheck the checkbox to show the block in index. Save. Then you check it again and save it.
  14. Probably you chose a group in hook settings that can't report topics/posts. Take a look in post plugin in your Admin CP.
  15. Yeap, forgot a $ in a link! :) File reuploaded and version kept since it is more like a typo than a bug. :)
  16. File Name: (SOS31) TOP 20 Popular Post File Submitter: Adriano Faria File Submitted: 23 Apr 2011 File Updated: 24 Apr 2011 File Category: Hooks and Plugins This hook will add a link to a new statistic of your board: TOP 20 Popular Post. This new link will appear beside Today's top 20 posters in board index. The list of popular post will list only topics/posts that the user has permission to read. Click here to download this file
  17. Posted and waiting to be approved: http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/4159-sos31-top-20-popular-post/
  18. No, say you go to board index and go away do something else... to avoid that useless resource, it will update X times and will stop. If you go to index again, it will start counting again.
  19. It's done... I will post it today later and translated! " alt="" class="ipsImage" width="1000" height="647"> :)
  20. It uses 2 columns as it is on screenshots or it is messed just like the old hook from IPS ? Sometimes it shows 2 users in one line, in other line shows 3, etc...
  21. What's that #1 in this picture http://www.mattmecham.com/skitch/Fullscreen-20110420-123635.png ??? Reputation points ??? Isn't reputation dead in 3.2 ? It seems a little out of context.
  22. Ok, my bad! You're right! Just reupload the XML and you're done.
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