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  1. No, there's a 3.2 version already released for this for a month or more... Just search for "Easy Topic Moderation" and you'll find it.
  2. No problem... I'll make some changes, like add group colors on user links, topic pages, etc. Just released that way for you guys not wait so long.
  3. Just relesead a test version (RC1) for test and suggestions: http://forum.sosinvi...s&showfile=1788 I won't translate it since I will release a final version in 3 or 4 days, I don't know...
  4. I know, but I have a REAL life, job... I don't live for IPB... When I have some free time, and unfortunately it's not easy these days, I'll finish it and post!
  5. Some unexpected bugs... still working on it.
  6. Everything seems fine: I'll post it tomorrow if no bug appears till there; my staff is testing it online. :)
  7. Everything seems fine: I'll post it tomorrow if no bug appears till there; my staff is testing it online. ;)
  8. Yes, I got plans. I'm finishing other hooks first...
  9. Ah ok, it will be moderated. I missed that 'cause those topics are going bigger and bigger, so I stop reading it. Tks.
  10. This is not a good idea. We already have support topic for categories... Now we need to reply to users in comments and topics. There will be more questions/support in there...
  11. PROBABLY will relsease a Beta today... it is working. Beta is for suggestions; maybe add or remove something.
  12. Of course there will be more people who use current versions... We should look and change things for those.
  13. 3.0.X & 3.1.X can be together, as everybody else does. Those ones that are compatible with 3.2.X, should be moved to 3.2.X category, since this is the newest category. Maybe ask to theirs authors to update its description to inform the compatibility.
  14. That's how I use it in my board: IP.Board categories:
  15. This is for 3.1.X. Probably didn't work in 3.2. Will update asap.
  16. I'll take a look. E-mail donation sent by PM. Tks.
  17. It will, asap. I'm working on APPs hooks first... after I'll update little hooks; then APPs.
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