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  1. Can you test it on my board http://forum.sosinvi...php?app=contato ?
  2. Honestly, I don't know. This is something really new... this file has only here on IPS, 168 downloads. If it were really a bug, should happened with anyone else.
  3. It depends on how you are using it. Did you choose ALL ways to receive the form: PM, Topic and Email ? I can only image that you chose a forum that sends you a email when a new topic is created and PM sent you an email as well, to tell that you got a PM. Right ? This way you got 3 emails.
  4. File Name: (SOS30) Password Protected Album v1.0.0 File Submitter: Adriano Faria File Submitted: 25 Mar 2010 File Category: IP.Gallery With this mod you can set per user group the option to create album using passwords to protect it from other users.The cookie is unique per user, so if more than 1 user use the same PC, others users won't be able to view albums/images already saw, by typing the correct password. Album form Password required Ensure that your browser is capable of storing temporary cookies. Click here to download this file
  5. This hook uses a very heavy query if you use RESTRICT setting. It will be redone in 3.1, with tunning this query.
  6. Well, forget the image... I can't understand what you mean. Go to Admin CP -> System tab -> Manage Applications & Modules. In Third Party Add Ons, you'll see links for Shoutbox, Donate, Awards, Arcade or Reputation. Choose one and click in , then choose Edit Application Details. In Hide Tab, choose YES for any of the apps above. If your top is OK after that, that's a problem related to IPB3; not to that APP. The problem is because you have too much tabs on your top and you use fixed skin.
  7. Buddy, I simply copy and paste here and works for me! Just PM me and I'll give you my e-mail. Then you send me your files... I'll edit this for you! EDIT: it's up to you use this or not.
  8. Tested again: The edits are exacly that on Readme.html. Nothing more; nothing less... As I told you, PARSE ERROR is wrong edit on PHP file. Be carefull with } and { on script.
  9. Please, post a better screenshot. I can't understand nothing there. Post the part where the mod messes your skin, not just the top. EDIT: if you refering to the tab REPUTATION at the top, it's up to you. You can hide it or hide the tab of other application.
  10. I have no idea... actually, your image is totally confusing. Maximum that this application does is add a new tab at the top. I don't see how this can mess your skin.
  11. No, the edits are exacly as asked on Readme.html. Take a look carefully 'cause PARSE ERROR is bad edit on file.
  12. New IPB ? I didn't try it on 3.0.5, but I guess it works. Or are you talking about 3.1.0 ?
  13. Sure. That's why I said it's better to add links to change it... Anyway, IPS should change that. I agree.
  14. You still can change, via LINK: Where: Unless you know your form_hash, you can change via URL.
  15. Ow, forgot to say that it appears twice in this file... add this line on both.
  16. Ah sorry Andy, my bad! >_< Open admin\applications_addon\other\reputationpoints\modules_public\display\list.php and find: $r['rank'] = ++$rank; Add above: $r = IPSMember::buildProfilePhoto( $r ); File reuploaded. :rolleyes:
  17. I'll take a look for you tomorrow. I can't test it right now! :)
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