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  1. Didn't updated yet so I can't tell you nothing at this moment. When I download and update, I'll come back to this topic.
  2. On your Look & Feel -> Manage Languages. Click in your language and search for 'Please use this form for contacting' or some part of the text.
  3. Well, this going to be one of those funny issues! I can reproduce it in your install but I can't on my localhost and online test boards: :no:
  4. No, no... submitted the form using the user details you sent me. I'll try as a guest.
  5. Hey Jay, gone to your board and ACP... took a look around and everything was fine, settings, etc. So went to a test and it works properly as it should: :logik:
  6. I don't why the templates for this APP wasn't created in its install. Anyway, it's solved now! ;)
  7. Done. Thank you. Tomorrow in the morning I'll take a look on your board.
  8. Obviously if you're getting Fatal Error means that something is wrong in your installation. PM me with an admin account and I'll take a look tomorrow in the morning.
  9. Install, choose if you want to receive the form via PM, e-mail or topic (or ALL). Choose which user groups can use and which user groups will receive the PM. Create a departament to separate matters for your staff and tie a forum to it. Do the same with an email, if you want to receive e-mails.
  10. So Jay, have you done it ?
  11. Nope, that's the photo author. Weird.
  12. No, no, there's something wrong. The only redirectScreen used by this APP is exacly this one to redirect to the SENT FORM screen above: $this->registry->class_localization->loadLanguageFile( array( 'public_contactus', 'contactus' ) ); $this->registry->output->redirectScreen( $this->lang->words['formulario_enviado'], $this->settings['base_url_with_app'] . "&module=contato&section=form&code=sent" ); Are you using 2.0.1 ? Since 2.0.0 it works in that manner. I never redirected to the topic. So you never saw that screen above ? I suggest you to uninstall and remove the files from your FTP and upload 2.0.1 and reinstall.
  13. What ?!? The APP doensn't redirect to the topic! It redirects to a screen with some information to the user: If you click BACK TO FORUM, you'll go to index. Is it happening something different with you ?
  14. Since the APP is used to submit the form to your staff, why guests needs to read in first place ? Plus, they can receive a copy of the content submitted, just by checking a field in the form. Well Jay, it's up to you: - edit the template and remove e-mail and IP and choose a public forum - OR use the app to submit the form to your staff; Guests or members won't have access.
  15. You probably chose a forum where GUESTS can't create a topic or even access it! That's the problem. I have no problem posting in a forum where guests can create topics and read topics:
  16. http://community.inv...ost__p__2161430 The main goal of this APP is to submit the form to your staff, so I guess you should use a STAFF forum AND choose a staff member ID (admin account or some moderator to be the topic author, just need to be someone OBVIOULY with access to that forum) and you won't have problem. If you want to make the topic public, just edit the topic template in ACP Settings and change/remove the IP, e-mail or whatelse you want. Error 1: hidden forum ? Again: choose a staff member with access to the forum and you won't have problem.
  17. Hi Neil. Yeah, that's what's happening. I can't reproduce it in 3.2.0 and 3.2.1. Works just fine. But take a look at the message: hook_profilesongdoEdit. A hook to use songs in profiles. I don't know any... Anyway, open file that begins with sos32_enhancedmemberedit_save_ in your hooks folder and find: protected function _doEditMember()[/CODE] Change to: [CODE]public function _doEditMember() And try again... if doesn't work, you'll have to choose one hook to continue using... True. Just happenned with me now. In advance, I'll add new fields to that hook... I'll try to update it today or tomorrow. :)
  18. Weird. Are you using 3.2.1 or 3.2.0 ? Had no problem with it in 3.2.0. I don't if something has changed in 3.2.1. Need to make a test...
  19. In that case, I'll send you a PM with texts, so you'll can ask skin authors to change them.
  20. Salvo, sent you a PM. Please test and reply.
  21. Sorry, I can't reproduce it. This hook is ready since last thursday and was tested by other known modder. Tested yesterday, today twice... Didn't happen even once with me and with other, I believe... It' really hard to try to fix something that I can't reproduce. Let's wait another opinions.
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