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  1. I'm sure the problem isn't this APP. It uses the same script used by any other APP, including IPS APPs. This ia handlede by IP.Board itself. I'll make a test anyway.
  2. They are with restrictions. Go to Manage Restrictions (Members tab) and give them permission on Raffle System.
  3. Also, always shows on browser footer: loading p125180.ipscdn.com
  4. Charles, the error: 502 Bad Gateway502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.2.2
  5. Since when updated to Beta 3 I can't use the forum! That's all that appears to me: http://tinyurl.com/co27sem
  6. Please, DavidAM had this problem. His post is on page 2 or 3. You need to select a valid forum and author to create the topic. Take a look on your settings. On version 1.1.0 there's a friendly message for that.
  7. Thanks AlexJ. FURL + 2 and 3 are on new version. I'll add a setting for 4. ;)
  8. LIF, already replied your PM regarding this issue. I'm having problem accessing IPS on mobile device.
  9. The APP only send PM to the winners and its text it's on a setting on ACP.
  10. I hope so... I'm working hard! ;)
  11. Wow, too many ideas :) Maybe it's better to release a new version with some improviments. Then hear a little more and release another version... Etc.
  12. It seems a time zone thingy. I'll check it out. Thanks. Thanks for the suggestion.
  13. Thanks... I like the 'minimum' suggestions.
  14. Don't tell anyone, but new version will have comments system inside each raffle. :) I like the archive idea...
  15. I'm adding a friendly error. But this error happens when you choose a read-only forum, a redirect forum or a category. Or even you chose a user that has no permission on that forum or a user that doesn't exists. On new version I'm adding a description field on raffle form, but it is to be displayed on screen; not topic. You can use any content on topic, since you have a setting on ACP made for this.
  16. Yes, if you don't activate IP.NEXUS on settings, you can create giveaways. :smile:
  17. Ok. Thanks for your suggestion. ;)
  18. It's hardcoded on script. Will be added as a setting on new version. Not sure if I understood. The PARTICIPATE button appears disabled after you particiate of the raffle. x1? Not following you. If you mean buy more than one ticket on a raffle, it will be implemented on next version. This is regarding to Nexus language pack, not this app.
  19. ...add a description, share links, etc. :)
  20. A solution would make the raffle tittle clickable to a page where I would display the same information and the participants below.
  21. I will release a new version when IP.Board 3.4.0 is released. Many new features are coming. :)
  22. It can, of course... I don't rember now now why I prefer this to be done manually.
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