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  1. Created a folder called translate. Inside of it, created new_translation and old_translation. Inside of old_translation, are my files for 3.0.4. Is that right ? When I access update_translation.php I only got an white page!
  2. They didn't post it yet. But it's available on Client Area...
  3. To fix that DRIVER ERROR, run this query on your SQL Toolbox or PHPMyAdmin: ALTER TABLE members ADD chat_banned BIT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0; Now you can uninstall the old chat and install IP.Chat. It's working for me.
  4. yep, just updated to 3.0.5 and screwed my IP.Chat... will have to remove old chat and reinstall IP.Chat.
  5. Just run this query and then go to Manage Applications in the ACP and uninstall the chat (beta) application: alter table ibf_members add column chat_banned tinyint(1); Driver Error occours 'cause uninstall needs to drop that column but that column didn't exists.
  6. Me too, on Beta 3. So I click and click on Chat tab and enter the chat. But always shows the message loading chat and nothing else.
  7. How this work ? For example, if I want to allow users to use the Chat only between 9AM and 5PM... what should I use ?
  8. Yep... what about to edit other messages? Is it possible?
  9. Brandon, what about this about ban stuff ?
  10. Only accessed one time... after that:
  11. What's Account Key ? My user ID on this forum ?
  12. I use [EN30] Ajax Fast Reply v1.0.4 and it works perfectly nice. See: [url=" Since reload the topic or have two ajax calls it's the same, I think IPS should at least implement this and give the admin the option to use or not.
  13. If you read ReadMe, you'll see that you need to create manually the link on board index, 'cause there's no point hook there.
  14. This hook is coded to UTF-8. If you use something else, open this hook XML and edit the very first line to your charset.
  15. http://forum.sosinvision.com.br/ You have to register an account, since I don't use it for guests.
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