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  1. It links to a popup; it doesn’t use mailto: link so it has no sense. Anyway, I can’t test it today. I’ll reply back tomorrow.
  2. It’s a setting. Choose what you want to show.
  3. It will show a popup with the form:
  4. New version to fix this is awaiting approval.
  5. Yes, wait for IPS to approve the pending version and then update your board. 😀
  6. I never used Basic Points but this is a points system:
  7. You should be able to remove it with a custom css: a.ipsButton[data-ipsdialog-title="Ban From Forums"]{ display:none !important; }
  8. Sorry, I won’t add a setting for this.
  9. Remove the moderator permission from those you don’t want to show the button. You will still be able to ban on ACP.
  10. The app is mine now. TheJackal84 is leaving IPS.
  11. You recommend all posts in the topic.
  12. Done. Up to 4 Youtube EMBED URL videos: Will produce: - 1 video: - 2 videos: - 3 videos: - 4 videos:
  13. I didn’t notice any slowness. The images are uploaded to your server and displayed with a link.
  14. You mean the IMAGES WITH URLS block? Added 8 images and it's ok to me. It actually uploads the image and display them with a URL.
  15. It will be there in next version:
  16. I will come back to view issues in a future release. I fixed now the quick ones that I was preventing the app from working properly. I still have other 20 or 30 resources to take a quick look. 👍
  17. I just submitted a new version to address this issue so the upload won't be necessary when it's get live. 👍
  18. I already added Blogs. Will add Calendar too. The rest is there, if I recall.
  19. Contact @TheJackal84 and ask him to confirm. Sorry but he didn’t provide any list of purchases (from any resources) so I can’t do much. ——————- EDIT: I just requested him a full list of purchases from all resources.
  20. What's New in Version 1.0.4: Adds a setting to choose the groups will be able to use this resource on the app settings page. Removes the tab from the ACP Groups. Removes the ability to always login anonymously (option in Account Settings) as this is already a feature on IPS 4.5. Add hardcoded strings as language bits. Script optmization. Changes in background to meet new marketplace rules.
  21. What's New in Version Version Fix error in language bit Move Raffles stats controller to a proper module
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