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Downloads posted by Adriano Faria

  1. $10.00

    Filter by First Letter of Topic Title

    This plugin will give the ability to filter topics (on forum view) by the first letter of topics title.
    Groups allowed to use it Forums where to use it Note:
    Compatible with Clubs.

    15 purchases   38 downloads

       (2 reviews)


  2. $40.00


    This resource uses Spotify API to grab data from artists to your site.
    All you have to do is type a word from the artist name and then a list of matches will show up. From now on, with just a click, you will have after submit the form:
    Name Photo Biography Photo Global Chart Position Montly Listeners Followers Popularity Genres Spotify link Social Media links (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) if availabe Tabs:
    You will also have tabs to display:
    Photos from the artist in a grouped lightbox Albums (linked to Spotify) Playlists (linked to Spotify) Popular Releases (linked to Spotify) Montly Listeners Related Artists All the tabs, except Biography, are ajaxed loaded and represents the current state of the artist on Spotify
    Other features:
    Fully integrated to the framework: Rest API, categories, extra fields, notifications, search, tags, follow, reactions, promote, etc. Settings:
    Settings to control the app behaviour in several places/situations.

    9 purchases   27 downloads

       (1 review)


  3. $15.00

    Ignore Forums

    This plugin will allow users (from selected groups) to ignore forums. Ignored forums won't have their topics appearing in Activity Streams or Search Results, depending on the settings. Admin can also decide if wants to hide the ignored forum; this will remove it from viewing but the forum is still acessible via URL or in Account Settings -> Ignored Forums.
    Hide IGNORED FORUMS on Activity Streams Their topics won't show up in Activity Streams Hide IGNORED FORUMS on Search Results Their topics won't show up in Search Results Hide IGNORED FORUMS on board index e forum view (subforums) Ignored forums won't appear in board index and forum view (subforums) Groups User groups who can igonore forums Note:
    Topics from ignored forums won't show up in widgets Compatible with Clubs

    26 purchases   58 downloads

       (4 reviews)


  4. $20.00

    Pay to Pin Topics

    This application will help admins to monetize their boards by allowing users to pay to have topics pinned for a given number of days. Admin can allow topics to be pinned per forum and per group settings.
    - Requirement:
    Commerce: https://invisioncommunity.com/features/commerce - Per forum settings:
    Enabled Groups allowed to pay to pin topics Amounts Amount to pin for 7 days Amount to pin for 15 days Amount to pin for 1 month Amount to pin for 2 months Amount to pin for 3 months Amount to pin for 6 months - Settings:
    Member should only request to pin their own topics Commerce: Payment method Tax Class - Per member restriction:
    Can request to pin topics - Per group restrictions:
    Number of content count to submit pin requests Number of reputation points to submit pin requests Number of days as a member to submit pin requests - Note:
    An invoice will be generated and the topic will be pinned once payment is received. In the meantime, the topic will not be available to be pinned by anyone else. There's a Commerce setting to define number of days  the invoice can expire (ACP -> Commerce -> Invoices -> Invoice Settings -> Invoices must be paid within). You must change the default value (30 days) to something that fits your needs.

    21 purchases   94 downloads

       (4 reviews)


  5. $15.00

    Bulk PM

    This application will allow admins to send Bulk PMs to specific user groups.
    PM Settings:
    Author Allow reply & add a copy on author Inbox folder Title Content PM Filters:
    Groups to send the PM Include Secondary Groups Content Count Reputation Points Joined Date Last Visit to the Site

    121 purchases   331 downloads

       (2 reviews)


  6. $15.00

    Content History

    Content History will keep a track of the latest content items viewed by members, so they can have access to them faster. Members will be able to view only items accessed by themselves.
    Each content item type will have its own tab. Pages will have one tab per database Each tab will use template from the source content item Moderator actions will be available for those who can moderate the content Admins will be able to view content items viewed by all members in Logs module on ACP Settings:
    System online Display content item icon in tabs Number of log entries per page Log visits from groups Log visitis to: all content item you have installed in your board (topics, images, files, articles, raffles, tutorials, entries, quizzes, etc.) Flood control in minutes: prevent same action from being logged if it occurs again within the set amount of minutes Prune logs: number of days to prune

    9 purchases   20 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  7. $15.00

    Change Event Author

    This plugin will allow admins to choose an event author during the event creation or change the author of an existing event.

    3 purchases   10 downloads

       (1 review)


  8. $50.00

    Media Uploader

    This application will allow your members to upload images, videos, audio and document files including PDF's to stream, play, share, view, download or embed into any of their posts, Your members can also choose to set their uploads to private and if they wanted then, give other members permissions to access them. This application works fully with IPS Clubs allow club owners to create their own media uploader categories
    Main Features
    Create unlimited categories to store the uploaded media files in You can also create unlimited sub categories Choose what file types members can upload per category Images - PNG, GIF, JPEG, JPG, JPE Videos - MP4, WEBM, OGG, MOV Audio - MP3, MP4, WAV Documents - PDF, HTML, TXT, XML Choose the maximum upload size for each allowed file type per category Choose to allow multiple uploads at the same time Set the amount of maximum uploads for each file type per category Allow members to comment on media files All members to review media files Allow members to embed their media into the forums and anything what uses the editor ( YES YOU CAN EMBED PDF's TOO ) Choose what user groups can embed their media into the forums topics etc Allow members to crop their uploaded images Choose what user groups can crop their images If a member crops a image they will have a choice to keep or delete the original image Choose what user groups can download uploaded media files ( regardless of this setting members can download their own files ) Choose what user groups can view / play / stream the actual uploaded file ( regardless of this setting members can view their own files ) Allow certain member groups to upload private files ( Admin can still view in the admin panel ) Members can set their private uploads to be viewed by their selected members only ( regardless of the admin viewing / download settings members with permission to view these files given by the uploader will be able to view or download said file ) Once a member has been given permission to access private uploads they will receive a notification linking them to the file Set the maximum storage limit for users via the user group settings Set the maximum downloads a day for users via the user group settings Set a flood limit on embedding topics for users via the user group settings Shows how many views and downloads the media files have had Members can see who viewed or downloaded their media ( If logs are enabled in the ACP ) Front Pages
    Media Uploader Index page showing blocks with the media files Shows a block showing all featured media files Shows a block showing the latest uploaded media files Shows a block showing the media files with the most views Shows a block showing the media files with the most downloads Shows a block showing the media files with the highest ratings My Media Shows a table with all the media files uploaded by the member They can view / download / delete any file from here They can see who viewed or downloaded their media ( If logs are enabled in the ACP ) If the member has a private upload they can allow other members to view the media files If the file is a image the users can crop them ( If enabled in the ACP ) These tables can be filtered and sorted in a mixture of ways If the storage limit is not set to unlimited then there will be a storage quota division in the page showing how much storage the user has used and how much is left for them to use Profile Tabs Shows a table in the members profile tabs with all their upload media (Private ones are hidden) Members can view or download the media files from here These tables can be filtered and sorted in a mixture of ways Embedding Allow your members to embed any of their uploaded media into anything what uses the editor via the insert other media button Widgets
    Show a most uploads widget showing a block with a list of members with the most uploaded media Show a last uploaded widget showing a block with a list of the last uploaded media files Show a most downloads widget showing a block with a list of the most downloaded media files Show a most viewed widget showing a block with a list of the most viewed media files Admin Panel
    Choose what user groups can upload private media files ( If set to private the uploader has to choice to allow x/y/z member to view it ) Choose to either show text and icons or just icons on the buttons of the media tables Mass delete all media files from your server, filtered by ALL, IMAGES, VIDEOS, AUDIO FILES, you can even mass delete from certain members or usergroups View all media files including private ones ( The admin should always be able to view all media files uploaded for many different reasons ) Set the maximum storage limit for each member by going into the group settings and entering a maximum limit allowed Set the limit of the amount of last uploaded files shown in the block on the upload media page Set the amount to show in the tables per page in the all media and my media pages Choose if you want to keep logs of who has viewed or downloaded media files View a log of who downloaded the media files showing the geo location of where it was downloaded from Choose to use either grids or rows for the tables themes Moderator Permissions
    This application fully integrates with the IPS moderator permissions you can set the mod perms via the moderator settings of the ACP Any uploaded media files / comments or reviews that require approval can be approved via the ModCP Searching
    Search for media files using the IPS search features Check the screenshots for images or visit the demo link at the top and sign up to test it out
    Copyright / Branding ✔
    Copyright / Branding Removal Options ✔

    38 purchases   155 downloads

       (2 reviews)


  9. $12.00

    Generic Moderator for Warnings

    This plugin will preserve the identity of your moderators by using a generic user as the author of warnings.
    Only moderators with permission Can issue warnings? can view the real moderator on warning details Warned members won't be aware of the real moderator who issued the warning: the user won't see the real moderator on warning details or on received email The generic moderator does not have to be a moderator; you can choose a regular member. Real moderators will be back on plugin uninstall

    35 purchases   100 downloads

       (2 reviews)


  10. $15.00

    Groups Sorting Management

    This plugin will allow admins to drag and drop groups position. Once the order is set on ACP, groups will appear reordered across the whole suite: ACP and front-end, where IPS uses the cache to load group; basically, everywhere.
    Permission: only admins with no restrictions in Groups will be able to use this resource.
    A few examples of places ordered by this plugin:
    Groups page on Admin CP Applications module permission on Admin CP Plugin settings on Admin CP Advanced Search form Online list filter etc. See:

    27 purchases   77 downloads

       (2 reviews)


  11. $10.00

    Custom Username Icon

    This plugin will allow users to choose one among 634 font awesome icons to be displayed before their link across the suite. Icon will be displayed only before the user link.
    Groups allowed to choose an icon Compatibility:
    Member's Country: https://invisionpower.com/files/file/7807-members-country/ Group Color on User Link: https://invisionpower.com/files/file/7589-group-color-on-user-link/ Made by requests.

    55 purchases   147 downloads

       (3 reviews)


  12. $10.00

    Guest View Limit on Databases Records

    This application will limit databases record views for guests in last 24 hours.
    NOTE: PAGES required!
    Number of visits allowed per day Databases affected Error message

    21 purchases   53 downloads

       (2 reviews)


  13. $15.00

    Similar Content on Post Screen

    This plugin will show similar content titles on post screen when user is typing in the title field. It uses defaults from IPS4 core search, like sort by relevance or date, number of characters per word, permission for the items, etc. Works in Clubs too.
    Works in apps:
    Forums Blogs Downloads Calendar Pages 3rd Party Apps: tested on Tutorials, Classifieds and Videos System.
    Number of content items to appear Allowed groups to use the feature Limit content to a year

    69 purchases   153 downloads

       (5 reviews)


  14. $10.00

    Filter by First Letter of File Name

    This plugin will give the ability to filter files (on category view) by the first letter of file name.
    Groups allowed to use it Forums where to use it Note:
    Downloads required Compatible with Clubs.  
    Made by request.

    5 purchases   13 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  15. $15.00

    Best Answer on Discussions Forums


    This resource restores a feature from IP.Board 3.4 and will allow topic starters and members from selected groups to set a post as best answer of a topic from DISCUSSIONS forums.
    Badges: Topics set as RESOLVED will have badges accross the suite, in places like:
    Topic view Forum view Search results and Activity Streams Profiles (Activity Streams and Browse Content -> Topics and Posts) Followed Content Leaderboard -> Popular Content Etc. Settings:
    Topic starter can set/unset topic as Answered? Lock topic when set a best anwser? Unock topic when unset a best anwser? Groups allowed to set topics as Answered EXCLUDE Forums Notification:
    A post I made is set as best answer of a topic Widget:
    Latest Best Answers, linking topic title to the best answer post.

    41 purchases   120 downloads

       (2 reviews)


  16. $12.00

    Who Posted in This Topic

    This plugin will create a link to a popup on forum view to display who posted and how many posts users have made in the topic.

    10 purchases   16 downloads

       (1 review)


  17. $10.00

    Filter by First Letter of Album Name

    This plugin will give the ability to filter albums (on category view) by the first letter of album name.
    Groups allowed to use it Categories where to use it Note:
    Compatible with Clubs.  
    Made by request.

    4 purchases   18 downloads

       (1 review)


  18. Free

    Request RSVP Enabled on New Events

    Will automatically check the option Request RSVP on event post screen.


       (4 reviews)


  19. $15.00

    Recent Topics

    This resource will show a box with the latest  topics/posts on board index. The list is automatically updated at every X seconds.
    ACP Settings:
    Block position: Before of After forums categories Display topic author photo Hide the Recent Topics block from mobile devices Hide the Recent Topics block from small screens devices (tablet, netbook, notebook, etc.) Number of topics to show Ability to update member's personal number of topics setting to meet the Admin CP setting Display Moderator Options: Moderator Options will appear only to those who can moderate content Show block to specific groups Display topics from Clubs Exclude Forums: option to select which forums to NOT pull topics from Display effect and flash message when the list get updated Time to automatically update the topics list Member Setings (Account Settings):
    Display Recent Topics Number of topics to show Exclude topics from  
    Sponsored by @JustHatched

    61 purchases   217 downloads

       (2 reviews)


  20. Free

    Languages Flags on Board Top

    This plugin will display the languages flags or the language dropdown on board top so the user can swap between languages in a faster way.


       (7 reviews)


  21. $10.00

    Change Member Joined Date

    This plugin will allow admins to change a member joined date in profiles (front-end and ACP).
    Only admins with no restriction to edit members profile on ACP can change member joined date in front-end

    14 purchases   28 downloads

       (2 reviews)


  22. $20.00

    Linked Accounts - Post As

    Linked Accounts allows your members to link one or more accounts then quickly switch between them. You have a full range of options about which usergroups can use the Linked Accounts system and which usergroups cannot be linked to. The POST AS feature allows the user with linked accounts to create/reply to a topic using a Linked Account. Each action is logged so you can keep a track of what linked account users do.
    The Linked Accounts system could be useful for fan fiction forums, roleplaying forums, or just those of you with multiple accounts (e.g, John Doe, Administrator, Forum News).
    Linked Accounts is integrated to Login system of IPS4, so to control the number of failed logins, Reset failed login count (minutes) on ACP -> Login Handlers -> Login Settings. This version contains an upgrader, so you can keep on using accounts created on this app for IP.Board 3.4.

    138 purchases   718 downloads

       (12 reviews)


  23. $15.00

    Download Coupons

    This application will allow your members to create coupon codes to offer discounts on their files in with-in the downloads application
    Main Features
    Coupons Select what user groups can create coupons ( This is found in the usergroup settings of the ACP ) Create unlimited coupon's Choose to discount either monetary values or a percentage of the price Monetary values work in all your used currencies Maximum of 90% discount allowed when using percentage A coupon's discount CAN NOT exceed the price of the file, if it does then it will not work when trying to redeem that coupon on said file This could happen if the member sets for example a $10 discount on all files and one of their files only cost $8 Select a start time so members can create future coupon's Select a expire time with the option of not to expire Select the maximum uses allowed for each coupon with a option of unlimited uses Select the maximum times each member can use the coupon with a option of unlimited uses Select what user groups can use each coupon Select what files the coupon will work with with a option of all files Members can only select their own files Coupon's created by X member WILL NOT work on Y members files If a members sets a maximum uses to their coupon the value of the uses will subtract when a invoice is created and will increase if the invoice gets cancelled Coupon Usage ( Lets member's keep track of their coupon's via the Coupon Usage page ) View all coupon's used by members Shows the member who used the coupon Shows the files name Shows the original price of the file Shows the discount value Shows the discounted value Shows if the invoice is paid or pending
    IPDownloads How To Install
    Go to your ACP and applications then upload the downloaded .tar file Once installed go to the user group settings of the ACP and give access to the groups who can create coupons

    4 purchases   6 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  24. $10.00

    Copy Events

    This plugin will allow moderators with permission to MOVE CONTENT to also copy calendar events to the same or to another calendar.
    Event Info tab:
    Choose the destination calendar (it can be the same calendar) Event title: popup appears with the current title, but you can type a new one Event author: popup appears with the current author, but you can choose a new one Event State tab:
    Allows you to start the new event with the following states: locked, hidden and featured This tab will only appears if the moderator has any of the permissions: lock content, hide content or feature content. If the moderator has only one of them, only this one will appear. Extra Data tab
    Option to copy event prefix and tags. Option to copy attendees from the original event, if the event has the RSVP enabled Option to copy the event location Option to copy the event cover photo Option to copy the event album Option to increment event author content count.

    11 purchases   25 downloads

       (0 reviews)


  25. Free

    Disallow From Buying My Files

    This plugin will add a new option in IGNORE settings to disallow specific users from buying your files.
    Downloads app Commerce app Integration between Downloads and Commerce enabled


       (0 reviews)


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