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  1. Instagram Photos

    What's New in Version 1.0.1 Enhancement: Removes the cURL PHP Extension requirement. It now uses IPS4 methods Instagram API changes: COMMENTS are not being displayed and no change in documentation were done yet, so I'll wait to make it compatible when it's time The widget option MEDIA LIKED isn't returning data, so it will display only images from the User ID informed
  2. Registration Terms & Rules Before Register Screen

    A bit. But it won’t work properly in 4.2 due to the quick register feature. So I’m not sure what do right now: if I abandon this, since This was designed to work in IPS 4.0.X and 4.1.X or if I keep supporting and declare it incompatible with quick register feature. Not sure yet.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, @Ryan Ashbrook made a plugin for this but I can't find it anywhere. EDIT: Nevermind. I'm mistaken:
  4. Promote Posts to Articles

    The error and the image says that you don't have an ARTICLES db!
  5. This tool will create missing support topics for Downloads files. Permission: EDIT CATEGORY in Downloads cateegories required.
  6. Raffles System

    What's New in Version 1.0.3: New Feature: Raffle main image and prizes images in PROMOTE feature Fixes: UPLOAD extra field type Error when using Cron job to run Raffle task
  7. Sidebar Forums

    This plugin will display the categories/forums/subforums in a widget, just like happens with other apps (Pages, Downloads, etc.). Widget setting: Number of subforums to display Notes: Permissions honored: user will view categories/forums with permission to view. Althought it is named Sidebar, the block can also the used in the main area.
  8. Bulk add members to a club

    Not exactly what you want but this plugin has a ADD MEMBERS feature:
  9. Downloads Support Topics Tool

    Version 1.0.0


    This tool will create missing support topics for Downloads files. Permission: EDIT CATEGORY in Downloads cateegories required.


  10. Number of Topics per Forum

    I'm not talking about create clubs but create TOPIC FEATURES; anyone can. Anyway, I'll try to add this to ADMINs only. No ETA right now.
  11. Number of Topics per Forum

    Of course it does. It doesn’t store the counter; it simply counts everytime someone clicks to start a new topic.
  12. Best Answer on Discussions Forums

    I’ll take a look.
  13. Number of Topics per Forum

    You don’t edit club features (topics) as a regular forum. Only title and description are there. Even if I add those fields, anyone when creating a club feature would be able to set a different number of topics/unit per feature, which doesn’t make sense, since this should be an admin decision.
  14. Bulk Followers Management

    I don’t see any relation with the plugin, I’m afraid. This plugin only adds/removes followers. The way it sends orif it sends, that’s not up to the plugin.
  15. The greed is absolutely palpable.

    @MarilynWallace, thank you for purchasing my Master Accounts app. Hope you like it.