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  1. Quizzes

    Yes, you can either: Disable the settting that allow members to play only once Go to quiz and use the option Reset Game for that user (this option is in the quiz actions menu) PS: I'm on mobile device so I can't make sure if this is the right term.
  2. Club Sponsors Page - Supporttopic

    Working: I must release it in a couple of days. Thanks @Fosters.
  3. Clubs Enhancements

    You can probably hide it in your install by using a CSS trick in custom.css.
  4. Total Time Spent Online

    Honestly, there are people that seems to not have anything else to do than waste their time with stuff like that. Well, the plugin really has a 15 min. of inactivity. If there's an inactivity time bigger than this it isn't recorded. This plugin uses the newest session time for the user; everytime the user clicks around, this time is updated and if the time is lesser than 15, it is recorded, so it's not a bug or a exploit. Since I can't check via PHP if you have 1 or 100000000000000 open tabs, I don't see much I can do here, unless lower this period of 15 minutes. Usually, people do this because of the sidebar widget. People have a NEED to appear in first place. Just remove the sidebar widtget and you will let your users really sad and the competition is over.
  5. Links Directory

    Not sure what you're requesting. What issue are you having? Still not generating thumbs? WebThumbnail is working right now. Sneak.pw don't:
  6. Quizzes

    Ok, will try in next version.
  7. Quizzes

    So you're suggesting to show your position below the others IF you're not in the top X?
  8. Quizzes

    In one of the pages from this topic. Twice. Search for leaderboard, etc. Read the topic. But if you really don't want to waste your time searching, then here goes a summary: I can't make a global leaderboard simply because quizzes are different in time to complete, number of questions, number of replies per question, etc. So I don't know how can I say that JOHN DOE that replied a 10 questions quiz, in 5:37 with 10 repliles per question is better than MARY DOE that replied a 3 questions quiz in 1:45 with 3 replies per question. So you, as the others did, will say: "Do a formula!". Ok, I couldn't make it work. If you can, let me know. Leaderboard is displayed only in quiz page, the only POSSIBLE place to display it. Once you complete the quiz, you got the RESULT, which isn't saved obviously, since it is a simple way to show whay you did right or wrong.
  9. Quizzes

    Which widget? Stats? Ok, will fix it in next version.
  10. Crowdfunding

    I can try to place it elsewhere, not sure where yet; haven’t tried. One thing for sure I won’t do is remove donators, as your image above seems to indicate.
  11. Quizzes

    Please, read the whole tooic. This was already requested a few times and I explained why it cannot be done.
  12. Raffles System

    Sure. You can see all restrictions options at the right side of raffle posting screen:
  13. Quizzes

    It indicates the number of questions you already replied, not the status of questions (right or wrong).
  14. Club Sponsors Page - Supporttopic

    Just to let you know, I started to work in the fix for my plugin, so this may be not necessary anymore. I will release a new version somewhere next week.
  15. Clubs Enhancements

    You said you want an extra tab to add a link, then you can add an URL custom field or add your link in the home page. Sorry, I don't see any need for a new tab just to a link.