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  1. Bulk add members to a club

    Not exactly what you want but this plugin has a ADD MEMBERS feature:
  2. Number of Topics per Forum

    I'm not talking about create clubs but create TOPIC FEATURES; anyone can. Anyway, I'll try to add this to ADMINs only. No ETA right now.
  3. Number of Topics per Forum

    Of course it does. It doesn’t store the counter; it simply counts everytime someone clicks to start a new topic.
  4. Best Answer on Discussions Forums

    I’ll take a look.
  5. Number of Topics per Forum

    You don’t edit club features (topics) as a regular forum. Only title and description are there. Even if I add those fields, anyone when creating a club feature would be able to set a different number of topics/unit per feature, which doesn’t make sense, since this should be an admin decision.
  6. Bulk Followers Management

    I don’t see any relation with the plugin, I’m afraid. This plugin only adds/removes followers. The way it sends orif it sends, that’s not up to the plugin.
  7. The greed is absolutely palpable.

    @MarilynWallace, thank you for purchasing my Master Accounts app. Hope you like it.
  8. Best Answer on Discussions Forums

    Same way. Clubs uses the “discussion “ forum type so no problem. Let me know if you find anything after usie this. Tks.
  9. Automatic Topics List

    It was a mod by @DawPi in IP.Board 3.4.
  10. Auto Follow Content

    Will take a look today. Tks.
  11. Instagram Photos

    You were refunded.
  12. Instagram Photos

    Yes, since it’s pretty clear the requirements but as I don’t want to waste all day ling again here, I just filled a refund request to IPS. You will get your $15 back as account credit.
  13. Instagram Photos

    Well, there’s no magic there. Either you’re doing it wrong or the extension isn’t “properly” available. I showed 3 sites working. No, no ideas. If the problem is cURL, then there’s nothing I can do, sorry. The file description is pretty clear when it says it is required. I can change it in a future version but I have absolutely NO ETA to do that.
  14. [IPS4] Tutorials

    What are you trying to do ? Create the feature? Provide ACP access. It's faster!