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  1. I should add that HTTPS communication doesn't automatically mean that the connection is secure. Since a lot of object on vBulletin's pages are not secured by SSL, the connection and data transmission can be eavesdropped by malicious bytes.

  2. If you have the time to manage it (after you took the time to learn it), then sure. But I already have enough hats (programming for too many projects by myself, support, helping other incompetent people, etc...). Some stuff you just have to sub out to people who specialize in the space. The Exchange server we did have running (I didn't set it up originally) is over a decade out of date and should have been retired a long time ago.

    Cost wise it really depends on how many mail boxes you have. If you just have a few then Sherweb is the most cost effective option. If you have hundreds of people in your organization running your own server may be practical, if you can hire someone to manage it all.

    For me personally I don't have time to manage at all. And since we only have a few boxes, it's much cheaper and more efficient. We don't have to deal with updates, they do it for us :smile:.

    What Exchange version are you running :o The GUI makes things 100 times easier, if you don't read the documentation :o

  3. I recommend


    for exchange. They're not that expensive, usually around $7-$10 per month per mailbox depending on if you want ActiveSync or not. They take care of all the updates and spam related stuff. I would not recommend trying to do it yourself. We've done it before, and it's a nightmare.

    It's not a nightmare if you take the time to read documentation, RTFM.

  4. Well, the major one is... files when moved/written via PHP, are not actually placed in the correct location, but rather in the root of the drive, no matter what Path is specified.

    That's nasty.

    Did you use ZCE with Apache or IIS? I remember seeing this with Apache on Windows.

  5. To be perfectly honest with you, I would avoid Zend Server CE on a Windows environment. I'm using it now and I really wish I never switched away from AppServ, it took me an entire day to fix all the problems related to it.

    On Linux and Mac, Zend is alright, but Windows causes a lot of headaches.

    Thanks for warning me :)

    May I ask what problems you were faced with?
  6. I don't know how I posted this here, it was meant to be posted on my intranet :/

    I don't think IPS would implement this, since the idea may be too specialised.

    It's probably more of a feature for business and the like.

    Basically, it would give specific user groups or users the ability to post and see tweets from a Twitter account. It's more like an integrated Twitter client.

  7. Could be any number of misconfiguration issues. Start server manager and check out event viewer logs. You should find the problem.

    That was the first thing that I did. Nothing showed up.

    I'll be migrating to a new Windows server soon, and the first thing I'll do is install Zend Server CE.
  8. Hello,

    I seem to be running into an issue with my Windows/IIS Server.

    On it, is installed PHP 5.3/FastCGI, MySQL 5.5.8 etc.

    I have a web application, Kayako, that uses Ioncube to decrypt the files. Every few hours, the Kayako installation (on a subdomain) stops responding, and I have to reset IIS, using iisreset or the GUI to get it to respond. Even recycling the application pool and restarting the web process for that site has no effect.

    I wonder if anyone here has an idea on what the issue is?

    Thanks in advance,

  9. Personally, I've been trying to move away and deprecate my use of IP.Portal, it practically duplicates IP.Content.

    As a software developer, and a senior business manager, I completely agree with the method IPS has chosen to proceed with the development of the newer platform, but can understand the frustration at the lack of ease and documentation to contribute to the customisation of IP.Content pages. Practically, supporting two applications, which offer the same, yet distinct, solutions, is not going to be financially viable, and will lead to further constraints down the line.

    All that I can suggest is that we continue to support IPS, and learn basic HTML/CSS. For a website that changes dynamically, such as a forum, I feel that it is imperative that its owners have at least some understand in the technologies employed; you never know when you'll need them.

  10. I hate the fact that Eclipse is slow and a bit buggy.

    Other than that, I use it exclusively for PHP and HTML development. I love it as an IDE, but there are a few things missing in the Code Assistance, such as abs(). The code refractoring, formatting, RSE/remote management tools are great. I have yet to find a useful feature for the VMWare integration, even though it's not available on Mac OS X.

  11. That's great! If anything, maybe an official guide on how to get everything set up properly so there is no problem with running it on a CDN. I think there is one but I don't believe it said anything about php or even js.

    This could be beneficial to some forum owners :)

  12. It was an argument that another person stated in another thread (that's a month old). I never understood it either, other than an additional JavaScript code/file or so. But it essentially saves a page reload, so it only sends and receives the data for the AJAX command without the other stuff (scripts, images, database queries, etc) having to load again.

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