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  1. IP.Board 3 HTTPS Admin Area

    Thank you very much for this piece of code Joriz.
  2. Hello, I'm testing the new 3.2 version, it's a very good job, very clean, with a nice editor. And I'm not generous with compliments. The window to login is nice but there is a problem : Firefox doesn't automaticaly complete the form. I have to search in the tools to find my password (11 caractères). I'm sure that can be improved. Nice job anyway. We can switch to one editing mode to an other in one click, it's very usefull.
  3. Hello, The search form simply doesn't search, it's useless, but the one in the admin with ajax is interresting. That would be better to use it on the board/IP.content etc...
  4. In the next IP.Content release, there is a tag system !

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    2. Marcher Technologies

      Marcher Technologies

      Fact, or speculation? Thought that was gonna be a bit after 3.2 side-release, via comments on the blog.

    3. Gros Blaireau

      Gros Blaireau

      Prédire l'avenir, c'est le créer... :-)

    4. Olivier Turbis
  5. Replace the "0" by a picture

    Why not. But for the topic listing, in the forum, you need the number of answer. And there, a "0" is ugly. I created a forum few years ago, and instead of "0", I displayed a little arrow which means "go, be the first", unconsciously. The result was clean. And for IP.Content, sometime I use a field "yes" or "no". But a long column of "yes" and "no" is ugly in the listing template. A little picture is more clean and more simple to read.
  6. Hello, When there is no comment there is written "0 comment" or "0 answer". 0... Zéro... It means nothing, you're ugly, visitors don't care. A little picture is better than "0". Also, in IP.Content for exemple, I'd like an option to change "yes" or "no" by a little picture, it's more clean, especialy in the listing template.
  7. IP.Board 3.2.0 Dev Update: Shared Media

    Valable dans IP.Content ?
  8. IP.Board 3.2.0: Tagging and Prefixes

    Valable for IP.Content ?
  9. I bet that yes, but i'd like to be sure. And how many times a customer can downloads his mp3 ?
  10. Hello, Imagine this case : We have a shop, a real shop, in the city. We have a stock. We use IP.Nexus to sell online. We have the same stock for the real shop and the virtual shop. How to connect IP.Nexus and the stock in Access ?
  11. IP.Board 3.2.0: New AdminCP Style

    I want a menu like that on the client side, with our own categories.
  12. How to upgrade from 3.1.2. to the current release ?

    Sure ? Thank you DawPi, but what about this particular case ? Are you agree with cdkey ?
  13. Hello, I'm running the 3.1.2 version for the forum, I didn't upgraded my forum since august. Same way for the apps (IP.Content, IP.Gallery, IB.Board, IP.Download), no upgrade since august. I remember, I have read somewhere I musnt' upgrade directly from 3.1.2. to the current release. So what should I do ? In which order do I upgrade my forum (forum + apps) thank you in advance
  14. HTTPS for Admin before to be hacked would be interresting