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  1. If a category is set to not allow uploads, then it should not show in the list for Select Category. This just confuses the user if they don't understand that unless it highlights, that it is not selectable. Why not just make it not show if it isn't selectable.
  2. Just open the upload screen, click save without uploading anything g and it should let you do it again. Not really intuitive. I found it out by accident.
  3. I love this script and it has done great to get my community active, especially new members. I want to enable the Facebook Login hander, but as mentioned with the issue above, I can't do so yet. Any estimate as to when an updated version, which addresses the Facebook issue, might be available?
  4. Yeah. I only want jpg, gif, or png. Nothing else is needed for my site, but I have to monitor all upload to make sure nothing inappropriate is added
  5. I haven't been able to find anywhere to restrict this. Also, image files are not treated as attachments, even though they are attached to the post. You cannot prevent a user group from viewing photo even if they do not have the rights to download attachments.
  6. There needs to be a way to control what attachments people can upload. Allowing people to upload anything can allow people to upload viruses which could result in a liability to sites
  7. I did. Was just wondering if it were something on my end, or others were experiencing it as well
  8. Just wondering if anyone else is having this same issue with Gallery. When a photo is uploaded using Gallery, when prompted for a Caption, whatever is entered is not saved. It puts the photo name instead. The only way to change it is to go to Manage Image -> Edit Details and enter it again and save it.
  9. Can you provide a list of all the error codes and what they mean. I have a customer give me a code, but I don't show it in the logs and cannot find out what it means. I have a general idea, but would be nice to know for sure.
  10. ghinton

    [HQ] Awards

    Yes, I am curious as well. If we have already purchased this for v3, will we need to repurchase for v4 or just renew? And can you give a little more specific for release time, such as 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, etc. I am wanting to implement this into my site and needing to do some planning to prepare
  11. Can I get some clarification on the setting "Maximum storage space per item of content" under the Content tab of the Groups setting. When it refers to "per item of content" is that referring to an entire post, or does it mean for each item added to the post? From my testing, it appears that this refers to ALL uploads in the same post. So if you set it to 500 kb, and try to upload 10 photos, then the total of all 10 photos must be less than 500 kb. If this is the case, how can you limit the maximum file size of each item uploaded? For example, if you don't want uploaded photos to be larger than 200 kb each. Is that possible?
  12. Would it be possible, for a future version, to make it where the admin can make several different messages, and then a random one will be posted when creating a new thread.
  13. Thanks. I'll check those out.
  14. I am running 4.0.7 and I have a question about guest permission. When a registered user drags a photo to the area that says "drag files here to attach, or choose files", that is an attachment, correct? I have it set so it makes the image a 100 pixel thumbnail. My guest permissions are set so that guests cannot download attachments, but they are able to view the thumbnail, and if they click on the thumbnail then they can view the full sized image. Am I missing a setting somewhere that prevents them from either being able to view the thumbnail or the full sized images?
  15. Is it possible to do conditionals in the profile display format based on the option choice of a field. For example, let's say I want to show if a member is verified on their profile. Can you do something in the profile display field like <if $data['pf_content']='Yes'> <strong>{title}:</strong> {content} <else> nbsp; </if>
  16. I agree and disagree Charles, since the update could also break something that wasn't broken in the other version
  17. Well, what about at least bugs on this site vs end user bugs since this site is not running the same version that end users have access to, so a bug reported for here may be totally different that what an end user is getting on their version
  18. Can you split the bug tracker into separate subcategories, such as Core, Forums, Gallery, Blog, Pages, IPS Website, etc. I notice there are bugs reported 10+ days ago that haven't even been acknowledged and appears only the newer reports are being fixed. Also, since this site is running a hybrid version, the reports of what is happening here is totally different than what happens on an end users site, so they shouldn't really be combined.
  19. What is the actual stored location of the sitemap files that are generated?
  20. It does not rebuild. It gives a message that the tasks has been run in the last 24 hours. Also, the sitemap builds are not comprehensive. It appears that it possibly only builds the newest sitemap with topics added since the last build. Say you have 5,000 old topics, and 50 new ones since the last sitemap build. Your sitemap should have 5050 topics in the latest, not just the 50. The sitemap for version 3 built properly
  21. I know it won't happen by the 4.0 Final version, but can you please add the ability for admins to manually run actions/processes again. I know everything runs as background processes now, but sometimes an admin needs to manually run something (such as rebuilding sitemaps), but we can now (as far as I have seen).
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