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  1. Will that not make it Big WigsAdministrator?
  2. ghinton

    [HQ] Awards

    Thank you for the reply. That is all that people ask for.
  3. Basically have the Group Name be set to one thing, but in the Group Formatting be editable instead of hard coded. You could have the Group Name as Administrators, but in Group Formatting you could do <span style='color:#ff0000'>Big Wigs</span> That way what ever you entered where the arrow is pointing would show on the public side (in this case it would show Big Wigs instead of Administrators)
  4. I know there is the option for using secondary groups, but there is a downfall to it, or at least I way I cant figure out around it. I want to be able to display messages to people who haven't made any post on the site (since permissions are set by group id). I could make a special group (say called No Posts) for them and make them auto promote once they make their first post, but then it will display No Posts on their profile when I really want it to say Members. But, if I have a group called Members, then I would have to call the No Posts group Members also, which is very confusing on the admin side trying to figure out which is which. Basically my work around now is to do something like add a decimal to one of them. If I created a group called No Posts and set it as a secondary, then they would never promote out of it and I don't have the time to manually go back and change it. Simply being able to have a group called No Posts but being able to have it display Members (or whatever I chose) would really help.
  5. ghinton

    [HQ] Awards

    Unfortunately I know we are at his mercy, but I agree it is very poor customer service, and really makes me question wanting to spend anymore money with him. I wouldn't have an issue with vague responses, or delays, as I know making add ons isn't most peoples primary job, and things are ever evolving with 4.0, which may make creating the program difficult, but at least be upfront and honest with your customers. If you are having issues, just say so, not repeating vague one or two word phrases. As a customer, I hate nothing more than a business that lies to me or leads me on, especially if they have no intention on doing something. I know things don't always work out, but when you post things 4 or 5 months ago, saying you are going to do something, that you never deliver on, then it makes it difficult to trust you when you say a product is going to be released in "Summer 2015".
  6. I guess the other way around d would be better. I have Head Honchos and Big Wigs, but I want them to both display Administrators. Having two groups named the same thing can get confusing
  7. Could you please implement a usergroup title override. For example, if I call my usergroup Administrators, but I can override that name and call them Head Honchos and it will display Head Honchos instead of Administrators on the public access side.
  8. Yeah, I would like to see this configurable as well. I don't like the 30 minute time out. Sure it looks good for number of users online at one time, but that is all.
  9. ghinton


    I plan to use it for members earning credits for participation, which they could use to upgrade their account type to a VIP type, which normally has to be paid for in real $$$. Of course we could have someone but credits for another person to use for upgrading their membership type.
  10. I'd love to see this for 4.0 as well (so hopefully the more people that encourage it you will make it higher on your priority list)
  11. ghinton

    [HQ] Awards

    Not trying to be a pest, but I was really looking forward to a version for 4.0, and it says you have been working on it since back in February. I really need something to encourage posting and this app has worked well in the past, but since my new site is on 4.0 I cannot use it. Do you foresee it being released sometime in July, or will it be longer than that? Some type of response would be great, as I have seen a number of other people ask as well with only a vague response. If it's not coming fairly soon then I will have to look at another option to use in it's place.
  12. Is this permissions based? For example I can make it pop up for guests every X pageviews to encourage them to register.
  13. I was very surprised to realize that this was not in the core functionality, as I am finding quite a number of things. And to be quite honest, I get tired of hearing about getting a plug-in to do something. The development on plug-ins for 4.0 is pretty abysmal to say the least, so the likelihood of finding what you may need is slim to none right now. And also, why should you have to spend hundreds of dollars on plug-ins for stuff that is pretty much standard on every other similar software out there?
  14. And I guess my termenology is sort of incorrect. I should be saying compressing. There are some very good programs out there, but trying to get the average user to take their original, resize it, and then compress it would be nearly impossible. I believe ImageMagick has has the capability using -define jpeg:extent=max value
  15. I have had that setting set, but it has seemed to have had no affect and I had to switch it to unlimited, which of course allows a person to upload to whatever the max upload limit is that is set by php. A file size reduction would be best though. That way you could set a limit like 250 kb, and if a person uploads a 2 meg file, then it will be reduced down to no larger than 250 kb and the max dimensions.
  16. I really wish you could implement automatic image resizing for image uploading in both the forums and gallery. That is probably the number one question I get from my users when their image won't upload, and and it would be so much better if the admin could just set maximum dimensions and file sizes, and if the file was too big, it would just be reduced down and not rejected.
  17. Good thing you had backups! I have had to learn the hard way!
  18. It would be nice if those settings were presented to the person during registration
  19. But it automatically adds it first, then you have to go to Account Settings -> Facebook and unsync it. Correct?
    This app is worth every penny! The things you can do with it help fill much needed gaps in IPS 4. On top of that Kevin's support deserves 10 stars! He has helped me come up with solutions for rules that even I was beginning to confuse myself on what I wanted it to do (and they worked exactly how I imagined). Looking forward to buying Group Collaboration now!
  20. I agree. If you want us to provide feedback, could you please at least acknowledge that you have seen it. Things move rapidly on a forum and quite often good ideas get buried with no response from IPS. You do not have to say yes, no, or maybe, but at least have someone in the staff say "Your concern has been noted and will be taken into consideration".
  21. Can you please remove the white background from the Recent Photos Block. Not everyone uses a light colored theme. It makes my site look horrible with the white contrasting my dark site, and there is no way to edit it.
  22. ghinton

    [HQ] Awards

    Any update on when this might be available? This is the main addon that I am waiting on.
  23. ghinton


    Eagerly awaiting this!!!!
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