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  1. How easy would it be to do this at the most simple level though? Member has profile set to public or members only. A tinyint in an ocean of blobs. :)
  2. At the simplest level, it would be a nice feature if community members could have the ability (if admins allowed) to have their profiles viewable by guests or not. It started with a few members complaining that the world could see their profile pictures or other stuff that they'd put on, then a few more chipped in to say that they'd customize theirs a bit more if only members had access. As a result of that we ended up turning off profile view for guests - where other members didn't mind, or actually wanted their profiles visible to everyone. I suppose that making it a bit more complex like 'only allow friends' or choosing which bits to show would be a bigger ask, but stuff like that might be a bit more 'community orientated'.
  3. As with permissions for skins, for forums and for various installed apps, I can see a reason why permissions are desirable. Indeed, Mat didn't need to code in a permissions feature, but he must have wanted to and nobody forced him to. :)
  4. ^ 3) I think it uses the members SEO name. I can't test/use the sidebar hook because I've disabled the normal sidebar with a custom blocks mod. Is there a PHP equivalent that I can paste in to make such a block?
  5. Thanks. Best to be on the safe side. :) Hey - I get copyright removal for freeeeeee! :lol:
  6. Yes, I figured that, thanks. I was just wondering about the 'legality' using the mod as it is.
  7. Love this mod. However, on the default skin it hides the IPS copyright. Is this OK?
  8. Very odd. Basically it's just $_POST and I don't understand why it would behave different with other browsers. One game in particular caused me grief in saving a score with FF and I think it was because it launched into music at the end of the game and started stuttering on score submission. Most of these games are just hacks to the code and you'll find that some will never be 100% reliable.
  9. This isn't really appropriate on this thread but it's related to Firefox and my own arcade which is similar to this one in that up to now it'll only play V2 games. It isn't an integrated app like this one - it's on my website and I've made it work with my IPB memberbase. With Firefox I've noticed that some games are occasionally hanging at the point of saving scores, where they're fine with other browsers. Are you talking about all games or just a few?
  10. I'm really glad to hear that. It's something that's crossed my mind a few times.
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