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    Hi, when can we receive a 4.5 support?
    Hi. I use 4.4 I have installed this plugin and enabled. But why does mine missing the "Whats on your mind section" where I can update status? Also, when ever I try to reply to someone... it shows like this and redirects me to my Profile section. Can you help?
    Hi, how do you fix this? When enabling this plugin, even tho its "light aka original mode" a few of these turned black. Pretty annoying. Also originally the links are "blueish". When enabling this, they all turn black... How do you fix this? To make original just original.
    Hi. How do you change the FAQ System "title" I want to call it FAQs (removing the System).
  1. @onlyME, when can I expect the RSS feature? My website is ready soon, this feature would help me a lot!
  2. @onlyME, yes, that Im aware of. All I need is if you kindly add RSS support for Testimonials! Thank you! Please add it asap!! hAHAH THis is very nice feature.
  3. @onlyME, please add... Im using this atm, but its not useful, since I cannot display the testimonials on my front page
  4. Nice ! Is it possible to enable RSS feed for this testimonial? I wanted to make it display on my main page.
    Nice ! Is it possible to enable RSS feed for this testimonial? I wanted to make it display on my main page.
  5. bcro

    Member Map

    Hi. Anyone knows how to solve this zoom out with multiple world maps?
  6. Hi there. I use And each time I enable the plugin, the Status Bar disappears! and when I try to open the block it says: Help, I just purchased for this item...
  7. Hi there. I have a game database. And I wanted players to use their game credentials to login to Forums. So, I setup an External Database in the Login Handlers. This is what happens.. 1. Player register on game website. 2. They login to Forums using their game info. 3. In the Forums, tho, creates 2 of the same identical ...like the image below: How do I fix this?
  8. Hi. After upgrade to 4.0.5, each time I attach an image to the topic and publish it, it always gives me this error: Another issue is... The background process, always stays 0. When I try to manual Anyone can help?
  9. Please, we need this awesome old "Comments(n)" and you can comment directly in the status feeds. How can we add it back? Also, why can't emotions be displayed in the Status feeds? How can we add it back?
  10. NvM I just read how to make Bug Tracker in older topics.
  11. Hi there. After the upgrade to 4.0.1, the old IP Tracker is no longer in support. I heard and can see there is a Bug Tracker officially from IPB. I wonder, how do I install it? How do I get it? Kind regards, <3
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