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  1. *edit* Never mind, I found a solution to my problem! Thank you for making this excellent plugin!
  2. Guru84

    Night Mode Theme

    Thank you sir! It sure did. Greatly appreciated! Thank you for making this. My members greatly appreciate it.
    I love the theme and I'm thankful that it's free! I had an issue with my editor background being white and my editor text being white. I didn't realize I had to install an editor theme as well. Once installed it fixed my issue. My forum members love this theme. I cannot for the life of me figure out why Invision doesn't make a theme like this, but THANK YOU day_!
  3. Hey Nathan Explosion! Is there a way to have the plugin insert the word count into the bottom of the member's post automatically??
  4. Yes, that's exactly what I'm looking for. If I could just add the word count to each post, somewhere in the post, it would be a fantastic tool for my community. We manually count words right now, but if the word count would simply be shown in the post it would save us so much time and effort. I would happily purchase your addon if you can add that feature. Thanks so much for the response! Thanks for sharing that. I will check it out as well.
  5. Hello! Is there any way I can display the word count every post on my forum? Is there a plugin for that? I've been searching for awhile on the Invision Community and I see nothing that does what I'm looking for. I just need an easy way to show the word count of every post and every response. I would happily pay money for a plugin that does this.
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