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  1. Thank You IPS Tech Support & Community

    thanks for the tip!!! And thanks for your help with this issue as well. Much Appreciated!
  2. Giving a big THANK YOU to the support folks at IPB and here in this IPS community. For four days I have watched my small business burning to the ground while the host Register.com ignored my support requests. I am not a technical person and struggle with tech issues, but Jason H and Andrew M were patient with me and gave me the information I needed to pass along to the "Gomer Pyles" at Register. My community -- The Neighborhood -- is back online. Thanks to IPS & the Tech Support. I am deeply grateful. And I am eager to get my community moved and hosted here because not only are these folks efficient, smart and helpful - the pricing is fair and the quality is top notch. Thank You doesn't seem like enough when trying to express appreciation for the folks who put out the fire that was destroying everything I've given my life to for the last 8 years. But Thank You.