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  1. Feels good to once again use IPB. :)

  2. Default Post Content

    Hello, Thanks for the fantastic mod! Would it be possible if a future version contained a similar function for IP.Downloads?
  3. Wiki capabilities in IPB

    Hello, IPB doesn't officially support a Wiki integration. However there is a mod that integrates IPB and Mediawiki, http://www.ipbwiki.com/.
  4. Just wanted to say thank you! Should be a default feature in my opinion. Glad we have modders like you to help out! :)
  5. Suggestions for "Resources"

    I agree the Resource section is a little bit cluttered and hard to navigate. I think separating by board version would be a nice start to making the Resource section more organized. You could combine 3.0 and 3.1 and have a custom field that allows the submitter to check if said mod works on 3.0, 3.1 or both.
  6. License Transfers

    Maybe IPS could use IP.Nexus to set some sort of license selling/buying system. Put certain rules into effect like you can only sell your license after X amount of months and have all the money handling procedures done by IP.Nexus.
  7. (DP34) Similar Topics

    While the mod idea is great it simply didn't work for me. The topics it was showing as being similar were incorrect and while I'm sure I could of spent time tweaking it I just don't have it. One day when when I have free time I can tweak this and I'll post my user settings.
  8. Notification Enhancement

    Agreed, having just upgraded to 3.1 I was confused when I read a new PM and my notifications told me I had a new PM from a member when it was the same PM as before.
  9. Profile viewing - friends only

    I've been a member on multiple forums that had a similar setup. If you weren't a friend of said member you only were able to view the very basic information. I personally have no use for such a feature and think its not needed but, I'd like my members to be able to decide if they want to keep their profile information private.
  10. Suggestion - Necobump feature

    I like your original idea and would love to see it implemented in a future version of IPB. Could even do it similar to the "Currently viewing all posts. Change threshold?" section. I see this happen a lot on my forums and others when a member uses the search function in regards to finding a download link for their search query. They find a relevant topic, scan through it and when they don't find the link they post asking about it. Its usually then that the member notices that the previous post was made X months ago. Now this wont help the first person but everyone after will notice the notification caused by the previous users post. Just my 2 cents.
  11. Profile Comments

    I'd like to see all 3 suggestions added in a future version of IPB. It would be nice being able, as a member to view a members profile and see what profile comments they've left for others. As an admin you could select which profile comments to delete instead of hunting through member profiles.
  12. IP.Downloads - Custom Fields

    Hello, Thank you both for the information. :)
  13. IP.Downloads - Custom Fields

    Hello, I was wondering if its possible to create custom info fields like your able to do with profiles? Thank you.
  14. Notification Feedback

    Another example of why IPB is the best forum software available. Developers who actually listen to user feedback!