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  1. Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    Right now it seems like the advanced tool to mass-add tags is ignoring the setting to turn off searching the first post, if I'm understanding it correctly. What I want is to only do the search on the topic titles, but it seems to be returning results based on the title and the first post, even when I've toggled the "first post" switch to off.
  2. When you promote images, on FB those images appear to be getting added to albums with random (MD5?) names, which causes awkward Likes there, e.g. a notification that It would be nice if we could set our own album names (even if you had to add a timestamp at the end to make them unique, if internally you need that).
  3. Kitchen Sink

    A suggestion -- right now in 4.2 reaction notifications just state that "so and so reacted" -- it would be great if the notification was "so and so reacted with 'Thanks'" or something like that. Probably too small to be its own plugin, but it might be a good fit here.
  4. When we upgraded to 4.2, suddenly this plugin became incredibly slow. Any idea what's going on?
  5. Trash Forum for deleted topics?

    Our solution was to remove the delete option entirely and tell mods to move the topics to the trash (for the few things that we didn't want to use "hide" for instead).
  6. removing sphinx hurts...

    What I really miss is stemming. When we ran a Sphinx server in 3.x we had stemming turned on, which greatly improved search result quality. We experimented with both a standard English morphology as well as Soundex and Metaphone. I'd really have preferred even better Sphinx integration because I would also like to weight results so that a title hit was better than a post content hit, etc. People are used to Google-quality results, and a fulltext search just doesn't give that.
  7. Search still needs to be a focus

    I also said I thought you should outsource it If you can do it properly for a few thousand, PM me...
  8. Search still needs to be a focus

    Rumor has it they had a few other things the were working on during that upgrade What would "right" look like? Sphinx, for example, is actually a very large, complex piece of software on its own. We can't really expect Invision to develop something like that. Search is hard! Invision isn't going to be able to just snap their fingers and get it done right: ideally, they need to outsource it, the same way they outsourced the editor. The trouble is, who do you outsource to? Invision believes, probably correctly, that the majority of their user base doesn't need anything more advanced than fulltext. I'd happily pay thousands of dollars for an effective solution, but there's no one to give the money to!
  9. Search still needs to be a focus

    The reality is that searching is very hard to do well. MySQL fulltext searching is very poor, but Sphinx requires a server and maintenance of code linking to it. Plus, if you want to take advantage of all of the features Sphinx offers you have to actually code them into your interface. Although Invision nominally supported Sphinx in previous versions, they never exposed the real strengths of Sphinx, and only used it as a faster, more efficient alternative to Fulltext, but with the same feature set. This has to do a lot with their clientele, most of whom don't need a particularly powerful search engine because they aren't housing information, they are simply discussing things "in the moment." Some of us, however, see one of our primary purposes as the archival and retrieval of information! So we seek other solutions. In 4.1 we've found that using a Google Custom Search Engine gives us the highest quality results (after all, Google seems to know what they are doing when it comes to search!), with the major caveat that the returned results are paginated, and you don't get linked directly to individual posts. We considered this to be an acceptable tradeoff. DawPi developed an excellent plugin for us that integrates the CSE directly into the normal interface, so it is totally non-intrusive to my members.
  10. I think you are using a very specific definition of "archive" here, which seems to be synonymous with "not valuable anymore, but not quite worth deleting." To me, "archive" means "still valuable, but not changing anymore."
  11. (DP42) CSE Google

    I just checked, and my results come back with the interface in English, no matter what language setting I choose.
  12. A workaround may be to use a Google Custom Search engine. DawPi developed a plugin to integrate directly into your board.
  13. The author of the Automation Rules app, @Kevin Carwile, came up with a way of handling it by attaching an extra piece of data to each member that tracks whether the group change has occurred or not, so maybe you can do something like that (or just piggyback on AR).
  14. I wonder if this is something that could be done easily with Automation Rules. Has anyone tried that?
  15. It's probably not high on the list of features since there's an inexpensive mod that adds it: My recollection is that 4.2 is going to focus on "Member Engagement" so maybe this counts as that, though?