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  1. Video/music player addon

    Just download and use JW Player 5.7 by LongTailVideo.com - upload the player folder to your IPB forum root. and then make BBcodes using that player.
  2. Facebook API Key is Gone

    Facebook no longer uses the API key. Facebook now only uses the App ID and Secret Key. Here is a screenshot
  3. IP.Board 3.2.0: Facebook, Twitter and Mobile Updates

    Just awesome. IPB rocks! much better than vBulletin, they are such amateurs, they can barely get CKeditor to work with their software. LOL!
  4. Automatic Publish - Feature Request

    thats for Joomla, im talking about one for IPB not for Joomla
  5. Automatic Publish - Feature Request

    who made it?
  6. I have a good feature suggestion Facebook Automatically Publish Post and Reply to Facebook App or Facebook Fan Page wall (options enabled or disabled in Admin Panel under facebook integration) Twitter Automatically tweet a post and reply to Twitter account (options enabled or disabled in Admin Panel under twitter integration) What do you think?
  7. Integration: Joomla + IPB

    also there is a different bridge for Joomla and IPB not sure if it works but its quite popular its by BBpixel or JFusion
  8. Wordpress Bridge

    is there a demo I can see, or can I have a trial version of the software to test this?
  9. Wordpress Bridge

    I would like to know if there is a plugin or mod for ipb or wordpress that can connect Wordpress with IPB3? like a bridge, show forum posts on the wordpress, share users, and when a admin posts on wordpress it appears on the forums. and has a login and welcome panel on the site, etc, etc. because there is vBulletin bridge for wordpres, shouldn't there be a Invision bridge?
  10. Forum Icon Settings

    Hello Everyone I have a feature idea for IPB3 Let the use choose his own forum icon for each forum. What I mean is, each forum has its own icon for new posts / no new posts. instead of all the forums having the same icon. kinda like this picture here. So what do you think?