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  1. That was quick, thanks very much :D Now that's working, I'm struggling with the auto-posting of the article on the forums, and it's not remembering the member-id of the topic starter. Any ideas please?
  2. Sorry to be a pain but I've just downloaded/uploaded this. I've got to step 8 and can't log into the wordpress site anymore! Doh! It's telling me that "ERROR: We could not log you in. Please try again later." but I've just checked the wp database in phpmyadmin and I'm using the right email address!
  3. Running 2.0.2 now. PM's still aren't working, they're full of html now... Help!
  4. Take back my comments on the mass mailing working, PM's look like this...
  5. Done and now working, thanks :D
  6. Error is: Fatal error: Class name must be a valid object or a string in public_html/forums/admin/applications_addon/other/groups/tasks/groups_masspm.php on line 107
  7. My mass messages are showing as 'in queue' after upgrading to the last version. Help!
  8. My mass messages are showing as 'in queue' after upgrading to the last version. Help!
  9. Answer to this is at the top of this page chaps...
  10. Can I remove the 'Group Navigation' from the group forum? It takes up a lot of room for me, I have a narrow forum. Thanks.
  11. The hook is stopping the forum markers from working correctly in the IPB mobile skin. Rather than the forum icons being different for new and no new content, they're all showing the new content (darker) icon. I logged a support issue, here's the reply. Help!
  12. Hi - Is there a way that I can add group selection for members to the registration page? I nice list for people to multi-select would be grand, thanks :)
  13. Is there a way I can, as forum admin, edit this rather than have to be the admin of each group?
  14. Hi - I've set permissions to allow guest of the social group to be able to reply (Can Post in Group Forum) but the forums say "you cannot reply to this topic" Any ideas on how to fix please?
  15. Sure. Your preference has nothing to do what I'm asking for though, ta.
  16. First I have to click to select, then click to ok the dialogue box then click delete on another page that asks for confirmation. Can this be reduced, it's worse than Windows Vista!
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