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  1. Exactly what I did. Fair's fair, they guy deserves to be paid for keeping the software up to date :)
  2. You need to click the 'MT' tab :)
  3. Just updated to Wordpress 4.0 and when this plugin is activated, I can't make any changes in Wordpress without getting a 'are you sure you want to do this' message. I deactivated all plugins via phpmyadmin and it's this one that causes the problems, everything else is reactived and the site works fine. Any ideas on a fix please?
  4. abetts

    Member Map

    Perfect, thank you :)
  5. abetts

    Member Map

    I'm getting this error on iPhone and Android 'Chrome'.... "Fatal error: Call to a member function mapTemplate() on a non-object in /home/dzxlgzyz/public_html/forums/admin/applications_addon/other/membermap/modules_public/membermap/map.phpon line 77
  6. This has been working magically for a while (it's ace!) but in the last few days a few new members are registering ok on IPB but can't log into wordpress (for a Fantasy F1 competition). Has anything changed, can anyone help please?
  7. We've increased the limit of port 80 connections and it seems fine right now so thank you :smile: Within 10 mins of reenabling the plugin I'm getting spam registrations again with recaptha, human intelligence questions and IPB antispam, using the servers IP address. eg... suelaseet nsjjrrer51@besttopbeat.com A minute ago Basic Account Also, is there a way of limiting the dimensions of images pulled through from the forum topics, eg on this article? http://www.thelotusforums.com/latest-news/our-news/ctl-welcome-back-indy-500-type-56-turbine-racer/ Thanks.
  8. Nope. When you click 'register' on the wp-login page it takes you to the IPB registration page. I thought that and checked it earlier too. Would you like some login credentials to check for yourself?
  9. With is plugin turned off, I don't get any spam registrations. I turned this on a while back and flagged up the spam registrations it seemed to cause with IPB who told me that it was nothing to do with IPB, I am enrolled to and use the spam service, it's working just fine with the plugin off. Tell you what, I'll turn it on for 5 mins and post a screen shot of the members page in the ACP. In truth, I don't really care for any registration or SSO, I just want the wordpress and forums comments sync'd!
  10. I turned the plugin off and the website/forum has been fine all day. One is taught not to believe so much in coincidence. They were definitely spam registrations. I've been running IPB forums for over 10 years and know that when this site only has 3-5 registrations per day getting 10 in 10 mins all junk2numbers@gmail.com is not genuine. I'll speak to the host in the morning and ask them to increase the number of connections on port 80 and see what happens when the plugin is turned on again. PS If i makes any odds, I uploaded 1.1.1 earlier today, was turned off and on 1.0.9 before (turned off due to spam registrations!).
  11. I turned it on, the server fell over. I turned it off, it worked again. The connections were internal, as are the errant registrations I posted about above and port 80 is web site traffic my hosts tell me, nothing to do with mail. Want me to try again?
  12. In fact 5 mins after enabling this my dedicated server fell over due to too many port 80 connections... HELP!!
  13. As soon as I enable this plugin I get tonnes of spam registrations all from my servers IP address. Help!
  14. Hi - How do I uninstall this please, there's no option in the ACP? I've been using Nexus for some time and I believe this is causing me some problems and I don't need it anymore. I asked IPB and they said to ask the author, so here I am! Thanks.
  15. Is there any support available for this? Do we not pay a renewal and does that not include any sort of support. I think I'm going to uninstall it. No benefits, just unsolved problems.
  16. As per... http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/337811-download-rsyvarth-social-groups/page-57#entry2373623 This still isn't working :(
  17. I've looked in the functions.php and style.css and can't find that :sad:
  18. Working ta. How to I make the 'latest forum posts' widget something other than capital letters please?
  19. Haha! Anyway, when I do that, it doesn't save it. The page reloads and it's a 0 every time!
  20. This field... Topic Starter If Given, ALL IPB topics Articleed from this installation will be started by the member with the given IPB member_id. and it's not posting the topic at all.
  21. Yup, logged them into Wordpress, user id is 268. Is that all I enter into that field?
  22. Very few, but I set the login method to email as I guess most people know their email but can forget various usernames on various sites. The user is an account I use to post news items only... http://www.thelotusforums.com/forums/user/9644-tlf-news/ PS I purchased this mod due to your support after reading this topic, you're living up to the expectations! I struggled a few times with IPBWI over 12 months or so but am further along with less errors with yours in an hour!
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