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  1. Just a heads up in case this happens to anyone else. I searched 'sitemap' on here and couldn't find similar so hopefully this may help either now or in the future.

    Google Webmaster Tools hadn't been able to fetch the sitemap since 30th June 2020. I checked the url which was **.com/forums/sitemap.php and it was redirecting to **.com/sitemap.php which was giving a 404. 

    Support believe that the sitemap was corrupt and while the task has been running just fine it took a click of 'regenerate sitemap' to get the sitemap working ok again. 

    Check Google to ensure it's ok and if required, regenerate it manually.

  2. I've done that and am on the vanilla theme now and everything is where it should be, thanks.

    I'd like to change the colours at least and whenever I use the visual editor I get it how I want it to look and when I build the theme with those new colours it ends up completely different. Does the visual editor actually work? 

  3. On 10/6/2019 at 10:31 AM, InvisionHQ said:

    Hello, a new file called


    is waiting to be approved in the marketplace.

    Terms and conditions for old Clubs Enhancements customers.

    All users who have previously purchased Clubs Enhancements will have free access to the new app (which will cost 30$ for new customers) and six months of free support/updates. After They can choose whether to continue receiving updates and support by renewing at the cost of 10$ / every 6 months.

    The old Clubs Enhancements plugin will no longer be updated starting from 31 December 2019 and it will be set as deprecated.

    Users with an active license on Clubs Enhancement can request access to the new app in this topic or with a private message.

    Sorry, a bit late to the party here but can I please have access. Thanks 🙂

  4. I used to use 'view member profile' a lot when viewing a member in the ACP but it's gone now, or am I just being dumb and missing it? It's a royal pain to have to search the member each time when it used to just be one click. 

    Can anyone help, has it just been hidden away? 

  5. I've been using this software for over 15 years now so kinda know how it works, but I forget that new members will of course have no idea of all the functionality they can use. 

    Is there a guide I can use to give them an idea of where to start, what they can do etc? 

    There used to be a help page some time ago but it's gone now I'm sure! 


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