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  1. Oh my, When did this happen... 3.1?

  2. Something is wrong..

    lol I logged a ticket yesterday and quickly closed it when I realised by logging out and back in again fixed it.
  3. Anyone that eats empanadas deserves to be on my friends list :D

  4. Favicon?

    it comes with it mate. All you have to do is upload the files to your server ;), and then if you want to make your own all you do is replace it.
  5. favicon

    EDIT: oops already suggested. ... and so everybody's happy. THE END.
  6. Are you an actual "active customer"?, I don't doubt you are, I'm just wondering why you're not in the group. You need to be to log a ticket through the client. While we're on the subject, the performance on my site increased after upgrading to 3.0.2
  7. CleanCut Updated!

    lol I was just wondering what had happened to the update since we hadn't heard anything for a while and thought I'd try and swap back to this skin, and as the screen refreshed, I saw this topic!.
  8. stars are brought just once..:)
    I have none..:P
    do not try to give me, you cannot

  9. There you go * * * * *

  10. How about I give you a 5 for making me smile, and IP-Duo free for you and everyone, but I email it to you personally? :P
    Big Hugs! -Sherri

  11. Of course I meant *stars* :D

  12. How many start would you like?. How about 5 and I get IP- Duo in return :P

  13. Skin Design Contest Winners

    well done to all involved, specially the winners!.
  14. I'm not really sure what it is any more, it does look like people are using it as a "shoutbox" whether that was the intention or not. PS i'm all for ajax myself :P