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  1. Only explanation I have is a possible permission oversight (it happens) when your board was originally configured. Although, out-of-box I do believe things are secured (meaning html posting is disabled for all groups). Personally, I just pretty much setup the "Validating" group to guest permissions and restrict them from posting.
  2. I think he meant a downloadable copy from the QA area here. I personally want to take a look at the IPS Connect feature so I can start implementing it on an account system I've been wanting to make.
  3. Better question is how are your spammers getting through? Or are they human spammers with legitimate emails? If they're not human spammers, as long as you have an active IPB license, the IPS Spam Service should catch them. If it's not, try configuring its actions in: ACP -> System Settings -> Members -> Spam Prevention An idea you could do is moderate their posting (this might also moderate status updates for them - I don't use status updates personally). Another idea is to "Remove Status Update ability" from the group(s) you so desire. ACP -> Members -> Member Groups -> [select group] -> Global [tab] -> "Remove Status Update ability" => yes
  4. https://www.cometchat.com/ and Haven't used them personally, but I'm planning on trying them out in the next month or so. Have to get the money together for them.
  5. This idea would be awesome tbh. Something like stackoverflow's pseudo-wiki editing of posts.
  6. Good point. Although not to argue further, the Google API's are a setting you can opt for on your own forum. I'm interested in IPS' CDN implementation. I may have to look into getting that setup (if, for anything, knowledge of how to set it up)
  7. I was wondering whether IPSConnect allowed transmission of "meta"/extra data too, such as reputation. Kinda like how stackoverflow/stackexchange work (although they don't share reputation across sites for anything but showing credibility of the user on their other sister sites.) Another idea for such meta data would be sharing avatars. Although you can argue for people to use gravatars... My $0.02.
  8. Likely, this would have to be a 3rd party addition. I don't think IPS is in the habit of relying on 3rd party tools/websites that might go down.
  9. Not entirely sure how to explain it. I have a need for a calendar implementation for displaying a weekly agenda for testers for a mod to test the game. Currently, this involves a template hack to include an embedded Google calendar onto the page that shows only in the testing/internal forums. (like, <if test="in_array(forum_ids, $this>forum_id)">) pseudo code). This is doable and maintainable, but it'd be better if a hook existed for embedding such a calendar above the topic list. Any similar needs from others?
  10. I heartedly agree with you. I would love to see stuff like this incorporated into IP.Chat.. Not to mention the ability to buy IP.Chat via a one-time fee and host it myself.
  11. Awesome job with the UI updates. I hope the portal will be customizable/replaceable for those of us who have IP.Content? also, any hope of getting Admin CP UI Changes to be more like the Forums administration area? Currently the aesthetics of managing the downloads area is kinda...broken. It looks like someone tried to put the forums (public) area inside the admin cp for managing categories and such. :|
  12. Tad late on reading this, dunno how I missed this article... I was reading this post and came to this blog mentioning multiple domain support. [quote name='bfarber' date='17 September 2010 - 05:16 AM'] You should be able to do this, yes. I expect this feature will likely evolve slightly as people test it out and provide feedback (that's what feedback is for), but effectively you can use the gateway file in multiple locations now. Does this mean we'll be able to assign different "sub-folders" (ACP > IP.Content > Pages that is) under IP.Content to these sub-domains? O.o If so, epic love to IPS.
  13. Latest Forum topics/posts is possible with a feed block. Also, I too have also implemented the facebook like button anyway. :P 'twas a quick integration that didn't require me to think too much about it. :) EDIT: I can't wait for the pagination example/implementation. I just thought a moment and realized I should actually have that on my website. :V
  14. I agree with his underlined portion. Some older IPS products such as IP.Downloads need some tweaking in the ACP to make it easier to manage. For instance, why isn't the IP.D category editor got the same feel as the Forums Manager? :x Just my thoughts
  15. [quote name='Mat (FDNZ)' date='23 June 2010 - 04:13 AM'] Mark: Google Apps, Windows Live Hosted, Exchange, Exchange Hosted Services, MDaemon, DirectAdmin based hosts, Helm based hosts, DotNetPanel based hosts (in case you didn't guess, no Windows email server supports piping). Yea, will this work for those of us who use Google Apps for email service?
  16. Can't wait, the changes are awesome. ;)
  17. [quote name='AlexJ' date='08 June 2010 - 06:59 AM']And it's not like they get auto subscribed. I am just wondering if any drop down option can be added so user can select one time, monthly, quarterly or yearly with one time being default. Or you can allow for the forum admin to specify the lengths/reoccurring times for donations. ;) e.g. "Reoccur every 3 months" (quarterly) "Reoccur every month" (monthly) etc. That way, the admins can decide and customize for their forum. Also, this donation feature kinda puts Michael's to shame :( It's a lot more customizable by the looks of it and allows for open-ended donations which is what I was looking for. If anything, I'll be buying IP.Nexus for both my boards I run :)
  18. Very awesome improvements. Any plans to have automatic sitemap/links generation and search engine pinging?
  19. @Sokii - lol @ mis-spelling. I do plan on buying IP.Nexus when it's released. :) @Charles | Painted Horse - I do hope "PDF View" is an option in printing, it'd be cool to have. Though, the current way in the client area is nice too. ;)
  20. [quote name='aljareh4ever' date='18 May 2010 - 10:16 AM'] cool simple but do ip plan to install it her so coder can submit paid file so we can purchase and download file from the resource site That's what I was thinking too when I read this. Hope they do that^
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