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  1. Regarding permissions for moderator/owners, I'd like to request guest permissions for private clubs or a mini application system for requesting to join a private club for the case of clans using clubs on my community. Also, some sort of guest permissions for club forums to allow forums like clan war requests, etc.

    By guest, I'm referring to registered members of the main community. (They're guests within the scope of a Club in my opinion.) :) 

  2. 37 pages to sift through, so apologies if this was submitted already.

    When you're mass adding prefixes to forums, if a topic already has the tag that you're prefixing with, that topic will be skipped instead of promoting that tag to the prefix like you're probably wanting. :( 

  3. On 5/11/2017 at 10:10 AM, Mack_au said:

    It would be nice if the "Donation Goals" block could be expanded. It'd be helpful if it could be linked to specific products that you're selling, and have the intervals as per the OP (and perhaps a smaller "Last Month $100 of $250 goal" type thing

    Interesting, could you elaborate on this donation goal linking to products thing? I'm not sure what it could be used for.

  4. I just recently setup SFTP file storage. The upload works fine, however, when someone goes to download a file, we get a COULD_NOT_DOWNLOAD exception thrown.

    Why does IPS4 proxy downloads stored remotely? Shouldn't it just use the URL I set when configuring the remote file storage? :\

  5. I have a couple suggestions regarding Commerce.

    1a) Donation goals should reset on an interval (monthly interval probably a sane default). Reasoning being that the current goal system feels like it's designed for fundraising for charities. That's cool, but there are other communities (like mine) who take donations to fund game servers that players enjoy.

    1b) At the very least, it should be easier to add a System Task to reset the "Raised Amount" on an interval. (Manual system task that is, like you could in 3.x, but can't somehow in 4.x :()

    2) Maybe products could get a "pay what you want" option when setting a price for a product. I came up with this as a possible workaround to the above if goal resets, but was sad it didn't exist. Minor suggestion, but worth mentioning.

    I know there's 3rd party addons that handle donations for the above #1 idea, but I like to keep my use of 3rd party addons to a minimum if needed. :)

  6. Depends on the host.

    On generally any host that uses WHM/cPanel, you can place a php.ini inside your home folder (e.g. /home/devlp/) with the modifications you have. This might be a setting on the host's side, though. But it usually works.

    Otherwise, if you control the hosting environment (or even if you don't and just want to find out what files get loaded), you can throw a test.php with a call to phpinfo() and find the currently loaded configuration (php.ini) file(s).

  7. I have a custom profile field that's a checkbox-set type. I'd like to display icons for each game played in place of the actual text, but I'm not sure how to edit the display format to do this.

    Part of my problem is I don't know how to select each individual item ("game2", "game3", etc) with css.



    This is the HTML generated by the forum:

    <div class="ipsType_break ipsContained">game2<br>game3</div>


    End goal: (from Paradox Plaza forums)


    I like this idea, but I'm unsure how to implement it in IPS4. :( 

    Thanks in advance ^_^ 

  8. 4 minutes ago, Stuart Silvester said:

    The AdminCP  also contains a diff tool, please see

    Not sure why, but this doesn't work for us. Last time I tried it (a week or so ago), the ACP 500-error'd when it got to the conflicts url.

  9. I feel this is an oversight when the record feed widget was made, but you should be able to filter records by category (or "all") like other places have the option to.

    In the screenshot below, the only filter options are generic database things that don't help with what I'm trying to accomplish; the other options include the generic "pinned," "featured," etc filters. The database 'Server Rules' has categories for each game server we host so I'd like to have "Game A" rules on one page, while I have "Game B" rules on another.



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