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  1. TS3 Integration

    Does anyone know if there is a way to view this outside the widget? I have been trying to figure it out, but I would prefer to have this in it's own page. The widget is way too long to have on the front page. Something like http://www.dtrades.org/index.php?/teamspeak/ Also, I thought this provided a way to manage the server from the site, yet I do not see where this could possibly occur. I must be missing something.
  2. Mail Bouncer

    As I am considering buying this, I have a use question that I need answered first: I have a site that I let languish for a few years, and have recently resurrected. After pruning the database, I still have about 8500 emails, and when I tried sending out a mass email via SparkPost, that was when I realized about half of them were no longer valid...after SparkPost terminated my account. So I am going to run my list of emails through a scrubber program, but what do I do with the resulting output? It looks as though you have some sort of blacklist filter, but I would like to better understand how that works. I import my scrubbed list to this filter, and it automagically will do it's thing to notify members to change their email? What I am trying to avoid is getting another account terminated before sending out a mass email signaling the Grand Re-opening of my site, so I would like to better understand the process on this end before dropping money on the app and scrubbing my list. Thanks Cain
  3. (NB40) Separate Pinned Topics

    Whether or not it works on the default theme is irrelevant, as I am not using the default theme. If the answer is "it works on the default theme so too bad", well then too bad for me I guess.
  4. (NB40) Separate Pinned Topics

    When I have this mod enabled, I get this error: [[Template forums/front/forums/topicRow is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] This is likely due to either this mod being out of date (I am running, or my custom skin is making this mod not happy. Any ideas? Otherwise I would appreciate a refund. Thanks Cain
  5. Bump Up Topics

    any chance of getting this to work for the mobile skin?
  6. Suspected Ban Evaders

    couple of feature requests: - allow to set group_id so that the banned member group doesn't have to be named "Banned". - allow the topic and post scans to honor the "number to scan" setting or whatever it's called...or give them their own settings. doing 50 posts at a time is awfully slow when you have millions.
  7. Suspected Ban Evaders

    I have to apologize here...I have had 2 mods previously that didn't work at all and I wasn't able to get refunds. When this one didn't work right out of the gate I immediately, and very childishly, posted here all pissy about it. Mea Culpa. I knew this had been around a while and once I calmed down and started going through code, it occurred to me that maybe your mod requires the banned group to be named "Banned"...since mine wasn't I changed it back, and now it seems to at least be doing something. Though I changed some other minor stuff as well trying to prod it into working. Previously it would scan all the thousands of members I have in like less than a minute then report nothing found. Now it has populated members and IPs, and is currently going through the 3 million posts on the site. If I still have problems I will post again, but otherwise please accept my apology and remove the review I put in as well.
  8. Suspected Ban Evaders

    except there are...I was able to manually find some <_< - I assume that means I just wasted $25, nice.
  9. Suspected Ban Evaders

    Uh, just dropped the money on this, and it's not finding anything at all and I know there are banned members with new accounts. sooo yeah, a little help please. my assumption was it would parse the 1500 banned members I have and match it up to active users. is there something special the banned member group needs to have to make this work? what I mean is, what constitutes a "banned" member, what is your software looking for to determine that?