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  1. Guys all of your skins are very pretty. But there are not me for my site, my board is in spanish and most members are seniors. It has to be easy to our eyes. And the theme needs to be easy to set up, unless the owner of the theme helps me. I really like some of Taman's themes and he already knows that I really need help...LOL What really worries me is the slider in front that seems too big and I know my backgrounds would not look so sharp as the demo.
  2. I have been waiting for someone to sell a theme that is light, pretty, nice colors and reasonable price. Lately everything is dark and for games. Does anyone have plans or has started working in some light themes. www.cafeboricua.com
  3. I have enabled our picks and have promoted topics but when I hit our picks the only thing that shows up is Pages. I do have pages as default since it is the page that guest see when they look at the board. Is there something else I can do? Thanks
  4. Is there a way I can edit or customize the picks?
  5. I can't add anything in those blocks neither after and it makes my page longer so the footer is way below. Thanks
  6. I am having a problem with my front page I have 2 blocks that I dont know how to remove them, Can someone help? Thanks
  7. Since last upgrade I can not create a poll, I can go through all the steps, but when I hit submit the poll dissapears. Does anyone know what I can do? Thanls
  8. Can someone tell me where to go to set the number of smilies used in a post? Thanks
  9. Hi Steve. I get a blank page with the error EX0
  10. I did exactly this and I got an error. Dont know what I did wrong...:(
  11. Sorry but dont understand, How do I revert templates or manually change them. Thanks
  12. Yes the site is online, with every post I put an image , and before they were showing up and some still do, but the las 3 dont show up. This is happening since I upgraded to 4.04 now I have 4.08 I think but still not showing up. My site is www.cafeboricua.com
  13. Since upgrade the images in pages are not showing up. Can someone help? Thanks
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