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Entry Comments posted by SMen

  1. I think this was addressed above, sort of for annual renewals on a fiscal calendar basis.  It seems to me that Commerce, and now Subscriptions offers only two options: 1) Renew on a set number of days/months/years, or 2) Perpetual.  What happened to static?  Where a subscription is only good for 7 days, one month, or one year?  The Subscriptions 3rd Party app prior to Nexus handled this quite well.

    I would like to respectfully request (beg) that expiration be added apart from renewal. It would not be inconceivable or uncommon that an offering of a 30-day (or whatever) recurring and non-recurring membership be offered.

    I'm not sure what I am asking for is the solution for the fiscal year problem of clubs and organizations, but a subscription certainly needs a static expiration date, with or without a renewal.



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