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  1. Subscriptions Manager

    I've started getting emails in the last two days from Paypal saying that my IPNs are failing. I haven't changed anything in Subscription manager, but have installed IP.Gallery and IP.Content. On the Paypal gateway screen in Subscription manager there's a link that's supposed to tell you how to check if your Gateway is setup properly, but it goes to a bad link/dead page. Could someone please help me out so I can check what's up and if anything has changed inadvertently?
  2. Gallery question (and IP.Content)

    Thanks for replying, that makes sense and would work for me. :)
  3. Hi I've just installed IP.Content at the weekend and am getting to grips with it. One thing that I have on my current website is a huge library of reusable pictures, so if I want to accompany a story about person X, then I can call up any picture of person X and reuse it in that article. At the moment with IP.Content I have to upload a picture to go with each article I create (or at least that's what I'm assuming based on my limited playing). I want to use IP.Gallery to store all these pictures (as I let people browse the picture library I have). Would this then let me reuse pictures in IP.Content for articles more easily?
  4. Nexus Support functionality

    Thanks. That gives me another obvious question. Are support emails from non customers spam checked? The reason I put the separate helpdesk in place was because spam was taking over!
  5. Nexus Support functionality

    Hi I'm thinking of adding Nexus to my existing setup as there are several features that would be of use. At the moment I use an external helpdesk app to manage my contacts from visitors/customers and potential customers and would like to replace this with Nexus. Can Nexus handle support requests from people who aren't already customers, i.e. can they log requests without needing to register etc.?
  6. "Max posts per day" moderation option

    It's something that's been used in the past though by other message boards providers, e.g. ezBoards (are they even around still?). When I used ezBoards, that exact feature came in very handy for me with a load of kids who actually made a lot more sense in their posts, when they thought about what they could contribute by limiting their posts temporarily as a short-term punishment. But that was years ago, and as my board has become bigger I'm less tolerant of morons and would just get the suspension stick out instead.
  7. Wonders why some people write the same stuff over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over

  8. Something that really, really annoys me in IPB3.0.x is the way the new PM notification works. Now don't get me wrong, it's a great pop-up box for short messages, but if a message is very long (for example I've just received a PM this morning from someone that's about 4 pages long if typed in Word), then I get a stupid popup box that's deeper than the screen containing the entire message. Would it be too much effort to consider truncating the content of the popup box if large messages are received please?
  9. Just purchesd but no download link...

    Can a sticky not be put in this forum? Every weekend people post this topic and it's clearly a stumbling block that many of your newest customers are unaware of (or not understanding in their excitement once they've bought the software). :)
  10. Feature Request

    My thought ... it was such a fantastic idea that it's already been made. See here Wonder if anyone has had any more thoughts on it since then?
  11. Introducing Spam Monitoring Service

    I guess of course, that if this service actually works and spam is noticeably reduced, there would be the situation that spammers know that IP.Boards are not fair game, and might steer clear of them and try to attack other less-protected software, not knowing whether or not someone has paid the Lifetime/Perpetual licence tax Standard licence fee.
  12. Introducing Spam Monitoring Service

    How kind of you to permit this. Do you want some serious feedback though? I'm very unimpressed with the way you announced this. Here's the original announcement: As far as I can tell I have an active support and service license. Otherwise I wouldn't be allowed to log tickets with and download software from you. Wonder what a Trading Standards department would make of this if you were a British company?
  13. Introducing Spam Monitoring Service

    As another Lifetime license holder, I'm disgusted with this decision but just about understand why you're going down the money grabbing route for any future new "services". I suppose that it's a question of is spending extra money per year worth it in the time I'm spending catching spammers at the moment? And the answer to that one is no.
  14. Mod rewrite help please

    I'm coding up a website, and want it so that if I specify something like this:- http://pages.xxxx.com/fredbloggs it will automatically redirect to http://pages.xxxx.com/index.php?tag=fredbloggs --- But I want any other requests of that directory to still work normally, e.g. http://pages.xxxx.com/gallery/fredbloggs shouldn't be rewritten. --- Could someone please help and knock up the mod_rewrite stuff for that please?
  15. PHP Environment

    I have done so already, but I thought this was a discussion forum for us to share our views. If other people are allowed to make such ridiculous posts as "What does IPB smell like?", I thought it would be a nice change to make a post that's relevant to your product, which my users are getting more and more fed up with by the day.