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  1. iAwards

    I bought it and was never able to use it. I could find no way to give an award to anybody. I tried again and again to contact the previous developer, through their site, through this site. But nobody ever replied. So basically IAwards has been totally useless to me. Then I had problems removing it and couldn't get support for that either. Finally I was able to get rid of it, since then I have had no interest in using IAwards.
  2. In user permissions, there is an option to allow a member or group to hide their own post, article, or whatever. This is useful because a member might be working on an article and can hide it until it's finished. But there is only an option to hide their own posts, not to unhide them. And what happens is, as soon as the member hides whatever they're hiding, they immediately get this error message: I have members who are creating content for my site. But it remains visible while they're working on it, and if they hide it, it completely vanishes to them and they can't see it or work on it, or even make it visible again.
  3. Quizzes

    Thank you Adriano! I'll adjust accordingly.
  4. Quizzes

    Sorry for the confusion. What I should have said was that I have a member group called "Super Mod." I am in that group for day-to-day management of the site. Here are the settings I have for the Super Mod Group, and in this group I can hide and unhide quizzes, and also see the hidden quizzes: Here are the settings I have for the Quiz Masters group. "Test Quiz Master" is a member in the Quiz Masters group. While the setting seems to allow "Test Quiz Master" to hide his quiz, as soon as he does, the error message appears, and the quiz disappears. The settings look different here because when I click "Customize" a drop-down list of applications appears, and I have "Quizzes" checked: I hope that makes sense.
  5. Quizzes

    When I go in as a Super Moderator, I can hide the quiz, see the quiz while it is hidden, and also unhide the quiz. As far as I can see, the settings for hiding content for both Test Quiz Master and me as a Super Moderator are the same. Just adding that additional info hoping it might help diagnose the problem.
  6. Quizzes

    I created a member named "Test Quiz Master" and added him to the Quiz Masters group which has full permissions to create quizzes. Next, in the member groups section at Members => Quiz Masters => Content I made "Can Hide Own Content?" customized to allow the member to hide his own content in Quizzes. So any member of that group should be able to hide and unhide their own content in Quizzes. However... Using that member name, I created a test quiz and added questions. Everything looked okay. I didn't click the "ALLOW PLAYS" button. Now I would like to hide that quiz, so it doesn't display in the quizzes section or the "View New Content" section to other members until I am finished with it. But when I click on "Quiz Actions" => "Hide" I get this error: Not only that, but when I go back to work on my quiz again, it's gone, that is, it's also hidden from me. What setting would I need to make, or change, so that a member in the Quiz Masters group can hide their quizzes from others, without hiding their quizzes from themselves as well?
  7. Quizzes

    I just received an error report from a member regarding the second pages of comments on a quiz not displaying, but giving an error message. I went to the quiz here: https://www.turkeycentral.com/quizzes/quiz/9-turkey-and-turkish-culture/ The comments were set in the Admin CP to allow a maximum of five per page, and there was already five, and the pagination at the bottom showed there was a second page. So I clicked to see the second page. I got this error: Sorry, there is a problem Page Not Found. Error code: 2S136/B I went in to the Admin CP at Community => Quizzes => Settings => Views And changed Quizzes => Comments per page and Reviews per page to 10, and the comments which were on the second page were displaying on the first page (as expected). Then I added several test comments to make the number of comments 11, to generate the second page again. But when I clicked to go to the second page I got the same error again. Can you assist?
  8. Quizzes

    Got it. Thanks. That's how I've been handling it so far.
  9. Quizzes

    I am really loving this app now. I'll be writing a lot of cultural/travel articles, and now I can have quizzes to go with them. Question though... When a quiz author creates a quiz, it automatically goes live, even if there are no questions. Then as the quiz author adds questions, if somebody takes the quiz while questions are being added, the quiz master cannot add any more questions (because that would affect the rankings). Is there a way for a quiz author to be able to create a quiz and have it "unpublished" until all of the questions and answers are added, and the quiz is completely finished?
  10. Quizzes

    I just tried it using Chrome and the quiz terminated properly, so the problem is in my end... please disregard.
  11. Quizzes

    I was actually taking a quiz, and ran out of time. When I ran out of time, that was when I got the pop-up alert. It was similar to those I've gotten on websites when I refreshed the page while submitting a form. I was using Firefox 53.0 (64-bit) when it happened.
  12. Quizzes

    I've hired a few people to write quizzes, and just took one. I wasn't fast enough, and ran out of time. But rather than get an announcement that time had run out, I got a pop-up alert window which said: Kind of like what I get when I refresh a half-finished form. Then I had to press the resend button. That took me to the results page, but is that how it is supposed to work? If not, is there a fix for this, or is there something I need to change in the settings?
  13. Quizzes

    Good point. Seems I remember buying this app before some years ago, and there were lots of quizzes already out there that users were sharing with each other. Unfortunately I just don't have the time to do it... I put out an advert on a Facebook group for foreigners in Turkey for paid work for writing quizzes. I think it will be worth it. My site doesn't generate much social interaction, so this might be just the ticket to get some started. Anyway thanks for the info Joel and Adriano.
  14. Quizzes

    Thanks Joel. I was expecting the system would actually include quizzes that I could use, or that there would be quizzes that I could import from elsewhere. Unfortunately I don't have time to be writing quizzes. I wish I had known this before I bought it.
  15. Quizzes

    Thanks Adriano and Joel. Are there quizzes which have already been created that I can use? And if so, where can I get them?