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  1. Copyright Notice On Copying

    Does this work on 4.2?
  2. Inconsistent theme HTML

    I get this complaint all the time.
  3. Inconsistent theme HTML

    Is there an ETA on this? I have CORE pages that look terrible with ANY theme.
  4. Forms Support

    @Mike John is there a way to export the logs to a csv or txt file? I have a form set up for members to enroll in our annual Christmas Card mailing. I want to create a spreadsheet with all the entries and I really don't want to have to copy and paste the individual entries from over 200 submitted forms.
  5. Gallery Improvements

    Sorry to sound like a broken record on this, but even with the all the new features and enhancements to 4.2, I still feel that Gallery still needs some improvement. Album and Category Cover Images I am struggling with this now. Currently there is no way to assign an image to a category if said category contains only other categories. Somehow I have images assigned to the top level category that I can't seem to find a way to change. I think the current way of assigning an image to a category or album should be as simple as uploading an image from your desktop or URL. Perhaps the solution is to have NO images in categories and only albums can contain images. I would be okay with that. But please give us a way to move images in a category to an album. Member Profile and Cover images Any chance we will see a default album for cover and profile photos? Please??? I, like many of my members like to regularly change out my profile and cover image. It is SO frustrating that I can ONLY upload these. Why can't they automatically be saved to an album so I don;t have to hunt for them every time? I would like to see profile pictures, cover photos, and attachments work like Facebook. Push these items to some sort of album. I realize not everyone purchases Gallery, but can't there be some sort of "mini album" feature for members without Gallery? In marketing we call this an up-sell opportunity. If the customer does have Gallery, you could have a "profiles" and "forum posts" album as default starter albums. Give the user the ability to move pictures to other (or newly created) albums. Uploading Images Maybe my members are particularly dim, but I continually see members adding their photos to album and image descriptions. Uggh. Members still don't get the difference between uploading images as attachments and uploading images to an album. I don't know what the answer is.
  6. Inconsistent theme HTML

  7. Quizzes

    Is there a demo of this?
  8. News Ticker [ support topic ]

    I'll check again.
  9. News Ticker [ support topic ]

    Hide on Mobile and Hide on Tablet does not appear to be working. I can still see it on my iPad.
  10. Inconsistent theme HTML

    Any update on this?
  11. Clubs Enhancements

    I moved a forum to a club. The forum had rules attached. Now I can't edit or access those rules as a topic in the club. Any suggestions?
  12. News Ticker [ support topic ]

    This is great!
  13. On the main featured article only a line pops up when logged in. When logged out the share icons show correctly but a different article shows.
  14. Seems to be okay now. https://clausnet.com/ How do I get the image in the article to go full width? Also I see now that the share icons are missing? They were there when the images were wacky sizes. Hmm, very interesting. Logged out the icons are there. But there are different articles. Boy I am confused. lol
  15. Also, does the template allow for sharing to Our Picks?