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  1. Don't care for the new look

    It's too white and I can't even select the better default theme now.
  2. As the title says, If a user is banned they shouldn't remain in the profile followers box forever
  3. Member Map

    Am I ok to leave it then or would you suggest fixing it
  4. Member Map

    I ran the support tool to clear cache and it said there was a database error. This was it.. do I click run automatically? This shouldn't have occured though?
  5. Member Map

    I've a problem with the profile block, when loading the profile the marker isn't appearing. So I hover over the options part and see that members isn't ticked When I tick that, the marker shows. But this happens on every profile, even when I reload the above profile members is always unticked so no marker shows until I tick it.
  6. Likes need two clicks now?

    These are still my thoughts, incase anyone was interested
  7. I found a solution for 4.2.1

    When logged in mine was much more snappier on 4.1, which had twice as big custom css.
  8. Tapatalk and Invision Community 4.2

    Can anyone explain to me what Deep-Linking Thread is from facebook/twitter app and google search result, I've never understood?
  9. What about adding an x to allow the ability to dismiss a recommended post instead of continuing to see it on each page
  10. One of the main issues since upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2 is not liking the faded text. The standard text in posts has been faded, and it's not gone down well. In 4.2 text went from #272A34 to #353C41. In activity expanded view https://invisioncommunity.com/discover/unread/?&view=expanded there were complaints that it is hard to read the latest posts. See how the actual post text is lighter and not as easy to read? Text went from to #272A34 to #555 in this case, an even bigger jump. It also isn't helped by the above line (example. sweethoney replied to Luc Wolfe's topic in Product Guidance) is bigger and darker than the post, whereas previously it has the ipstype_light setting, and was much lighter and so the post content stood out more. I have reverted these instances on my site but I'm interested to hear the reasoning behind these changes.
  11. Topic Title links to First Unread Post

    Any news?
  12. Likes need two clicks now?

    Any chance of this happening? Or even a hook to allow it to work that way? Probably not easy to change though
  13. Topic Title links to First Unread Post

    Do you know if this works in 4.2 yet