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  1. The New CKEditor annoyance

    Editor has gone more and more downhill in terms of how usable it is after they left the superior IPS developed editor.
  2. Wordpress Integration?

  3. A New IPS Guy!

    Let's see how long they las... Aaaaaaannndd they've been let go.
  4. Sounds neat even for non-review sites. Less mindless ratings.
  5. Wiki-style editing

    So IP Content is really lackluster if you want it as a wiki?
  6. I think I had mine set to over 9000 and I don't think IPS has seen how badly people multi-post. Some of them do it even without caring about post count.
  7. How does seeing both of your posts together confusing... That's confusing. In this reply it says this post was edited, so why not include something similar when posts are merged?
  8. It was super convenient and made it so moderators didn't look like they were nit picking.
  9. Feature request - staff posts

    I personally see this niche. Seems like something that would bloat people's ego.
  10. No max images per post? Shock image spam go, go, go!
  11. Spam in IPS4 sites

  12. IP4 Missing Topic Sorting Setting

    The only feature in that image I use is the "default date cut off" for my announcement forum. Rest of those options I don't care if they're gone.