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  1. Scape

    Manage Inactive Members

    never mind figured it out :)
  2. Scape

    Manage Inactive Members

    Mine seems to be in constant debug mode regardless of me selecting debug mode on each section or not.
  3. Scape

    IP.Board 3.2 Update: Mobile Skin

    is it possible to replace the mobile skins with custom skins yet ?
  4. Scape

    (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks

    Brilliant thanks so much :smile: your the best ! Works like a charm
  5. Scape

    (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks

    Is there some way to make a "playlist" like script or bbcode to allow for alternating youtube videos in one of the sidebar blocks ? so that different videos appear to the user when checking the forums.
  6. Scape

    Download: Clean Up On Aisle 3

    This mod is something I really hope works properly, but one wish if its not in already or if its possible, the ability to just create a text file with the list of whatever this script has found, so that if one so desires can double check the files manually but still get a pretty good idea of what and how many files are obsolete. I have a board that has been upgraded all the way back since version 1 with probably thousands of outdated files.
  7. Scape

    Facebook Like Box